Angepinnt Three Things You'd Like Changed in Albion Online

    • Firstly, I like AO, like it enough to cancel my sub with Blizzard after 9 years, so take that for what it is worth. So here are my thoughts after 6 days of merciless, obsessive grinding:

      1. Reflecting on my first few days with AO: If anything brought me close to a rage quit, it was the lack of a clear idea of how to move. It was only by reading blogs, watching YouTube videos and a great deal of patience from guild mates in explaining the nuances of play that I finally arrived at a degree of understanding. It took a good deal of UN-learning, but I am starting to grind with the best of you. That having been stated, I still do not understand how to precisely control movement with a mouse. After it being a game industry standard for 30 or so years, the absence of WASD keyboard movement (especially Q and E being side-steps) has me gasping. Nota bene: Even after watching videos, I still have no clue how to do fishing because no one is explicitly stating what they are doing with the mouse.

      2. I like having - no, I LOVE having an alternative route to gear upgrades than the market, but quality upgrades via the repair merchant being RNG is maybe a bit much. Everyone wants the best gear they can afford, but a few million silvers pissed away with the repair merchant to get a masterpiece quality anything turns the idea of RNG governing item upgrades into a very sour, stale fart of an idea. From what I have seen of market prices, improving the enchantment level from none to .3 with tier runes, souls, and relics is vastly cheaper than letting RNG improve an item to excellent or masterpiece. To me, the enchantment level is what should be the harder or more costly of the two.

      3. Some of the biomes seem decidedly under-dressed. The grassy and forest biomes are amazingly detailed and very immersive. Then the snow biomes are like something from a low-rez Nintendo console game of 15 to 20 years ago. I am not suggesting that you duplicate Hoth in SW:TOR or go high rendered, but it wouldn't hurt anything to up your game in the art department for cold / snowy biomes.
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      AtomsKK schrieb:

      1) Make Chest Tabs - I know Chests have a limited space, and you can put how many you want on your Island/Guild Island. Allow players to customize this by adding tabs, so Instead of having a big one 68 slot Chest, make players able to customize them, add a tab/with name/(maybe a background color at name? - this makes player life much easier - See D3, Ragnarok, the better ONE is PoE because of the full custom thing) and have two tabs of 34/34? Maybe 4 tabs of 17 slots? The space continue to be limited but players can arrange their items like they want - or just separate them a bit.
      This is partly in play already. You can add additional tabs to the Guild Island chest. The first one is free and any after are added at an additional silver cost.
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      Then the snow biomes are like something from a low-rez Nintendo console game of 15 to 20 years ago.
      I have to agree to this one. But that said, its way better than in Beta. The snowy biomes were a bit more detailed but laggy as hell.
      Good to know. A lot of games suffer from over-worked palettes in zones. If you've ever played SW:TOR, you're likely familiar with the FPS killing effect of the ruins on Taris and all the damned trees on Alderaan. It took Bioware a year or more to get those zones to stop killing GPUs.