Pinned Three Things You'd Like Changed in Albion Online

    • !. Being able to move the health bar UI around the screen for healer, or make a specific UI for healer, so we can target people easier in group/raid/alliance fight
      2. Red zone and black zone are too similar. Dying in a red zone should make you drop ressource and inventory, but not the gear you have equiped, but damaging him for like 50% or something like that. You would still be punish for dying in a red zone, but at least, it would give this feeling of progression in the game. Because right now, the difference bethind yellow and red zone is stupid. People dying in the yellow zone should lose 10% of they ressource and should be lootable by those who kill him. Nothing to change in dark zone, it's ok.
      3. Grouping friend and people you meeting is a little kinky, hard to do with only name. You should make a option when you click on someone in the tchat or on him when he's near you, in the menu, or in the friend menu, to invite people to group. I would love to see a option to make Icon over the head of people, accessible only by the leader of the group, to point healer, monster, or important target to protect or to kill in group.

      Thx you Albion online. Have fun people!
    • 1. Finding a guild By this I mean 2 things, first the guild finder could be better. option to search for a specific guild by name, and adding a guild by location filter. Second specifically in the recruit channel put a limit on how many posts you can make per minute. When 1 person spams his recruit post 7 times in 11 seconds, the chat screams by so fast you can't read anything else.

      2. Chat functionality. When I click the chat and scroll up to see what someone said I don't want my chat box to keep scrolling down while I'm trying to find a message.

      3. As previously stated, I don't expect to run through walls or anything, but the collision in this game is god awful. I just mined ore to the ground and there's none left, but my gigantic Ox somehow can't step over that? ridiculous!
    • 1. Make it possible to set the time at the minimap to the respective time zone.

      2. Create a possibility in the guild management menu to edit the gilde emblem afterwards again.

      3. Make it possible, to travel from all the harbors of the smaller towns in the vicinity of the respective capital to the personal island and the guild island. This would also contribute a little to relieve the capital cities of some enormous number of players.
    • 1. I want the "over populated" effect to be able to be turned on and off in my settings menu so I can use it as I see fit.

      2.Friendly Fire - why should a weapon or spell effect be able to tell who is in your guild ,alliance or party.

      3. Give us a HUGE map like I believe was in Beta 2 and have each biome have only 1 mat so we have to travel around a lot to get all we need.

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    • 1) Other mini-games system like Hellgates with organised group pvp

      -> Arena system in some areas where u can queue and fight 5v5 in a small area. U lose gear if u die and get out of it, If you win with your team, you can continue fighting against other teams with same winning streak. After like 7 wins in a row or something, get a random reward (back skin or mount skin or even a title)

      2) Restrict number of guilds in an alliance, it's horrible to see 9000 players in one alliance, they don't even know each other .. In black zone there would be more fights between little groups of players, u could go there with smaller group and have interestring fights between more then 2 or 3 groups. There could be like 6 smallers groups fighting each other in the same area and even solo players could come and join a fight and still get something from it.

      3) Some big FFA area for solo PvP with last stand rewards system. U could put a chest in the middle with closing gates at the entrance of that area and every X hour, the chest would pop and everyone would fight for it. Last man standing can take the chest. 2 choices after that > he could go back safely with a portal or he should find his way out of the blackzone without losing his reward by getting killed by pk's.
    • 1. Remove equipment down leveling (Cluster reduction), related to zone level.
      Whats the reason to upgrade my gear if it's nerfed and downgraded to level of zone. Or give us instanced dungeons, where gear is not nerfed (I saw on forums, such places exist a few betas ago).

      2. Make whole world bigger.
      More zones or enlarge existing zones from sides, while leaving entry points at same place. This way we will keep same travelling distance from zone to zone, while making all zones more spacious, so forest will be forest again, not a crowd of players and a few stumps between them.

      3. Add WASD movement.
    • 1. I would like to see closed PvP Arena battles for small groups like in WoW, ideas are 2v2 3v3 or maybe more. maybe introduce a ladder system and seasons. after each season the best 0,x% players get some unique reward.
      2. Make black zones more dangerous. Blackzones habe becomer gatherers paradise. mobs are not a threat, players not anymore, at least if there aren't many of them.
      3. I'd like to see more difficult PvE activities. I find the current expeditions far to easy. it's just evasion of some aoe effects but the fights doesn't need special tactics or arrangements. I would like to see some challenges here :)
    • If we must have instanced pve......get rid of those expeditions and put portals back in dungeons. They were a better reward than anything out there in dungeons. They served as hotspots in yellow and red zones for pvp, and at least ppl had stuff in the world to do. Pve is now terrible.

      Dungeons. Just make real dungeons. these dungeons are bad. No point in the greens even existing. I can walk through the greens in t2 gear. The only point is the boss in these and they mostly are stripped clean.

      Reverse the zone colors. Make caerleon blue with no portals to black. a thin strip of yellow around it, and by the time you get to the biome cities they are red. Put back the ports leading to black zones. Now we have a progression from blue to black with trade radiating outwards through pvp country. Reorganize the nodes to reflect this change.
    • 1. Raids (Instanced) + more expeditions - some most days all I have time to do is farm my plots, feed my horses and do an expedition.
      2. Arena & BGs [make more biomes for BG type matches, or Arena type matches.. have people pay to enter for somewhat of a contest, winner takes all... and anyone else who zones in can just watch the battle in a "ghost form" so they can learn and see how a fight would go (with all the people that would do these, it should lighten the server load in cities by a ton - as would my #1, RAIDS! - in a similar biome type environment where there could be spectators +/- the biome)]
      3. MOAR CASTLESSS (sunday is my paperwork day - I want to fight so baddddd)

      - no spectating for anything else or its treason

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    • 1. To prevent bot users. Create a captcha code that popup in upper left corner after a random number between 500~700(as example) nodes was collected in a single session, then the player need send this in at least 15 minutes.

      2. Change your servers to AWS. (hahaha)

      3. Put footsteps on the ground to gankers be able to track victims.

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    • 1. One character per user. It give more identify to each user and make the game last longer since people won't be able to run 3 characters alt on one account.

      2. Remove the system of the Gold - Silver exchange.

      3. Transparency of how SBI does their things.

      PS. Better ping for Asia Players would be a great change too.
      PSS. Bring back Beta 1

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