Pinned Three Things You'd Like Changed in Albion Online

    • 1. All spells and dueling turned off in cities, with specific seperate "arena" instance where those who like it can go
      2. bigger map with more to do when pvp is slow
      3. make it so you dismount automatically when farming instead of it being the only resource that gives you a can't do this warning
    • 1. Changing chat colors.
      2. Movable party and raid frames ( that one should have been there at launch?)
      3. some kind of battleground system that doesn't destroy you on repair cost to practice pvp skills before getting destroyed by 1 of 3 guilds who own the black zones.
    • The most important thing that game is lacking -> Content in middle stage of the game, it is too repetitive to call that sandbox game.
      So i suggest add to game this 3 things that will make community happy and they don't need too much work to do this correctly:

      First, ARENA. In many MMO there is arena but you should make unique type of it. Let the people watch fight like in roman colosseum. Let players bet for their favorites, and let the players win tournaments or single fights. Fight should have restriction of level of equipment. It will promote enchantments and quality of the items. There should be 2 types of arena games. 5 vs 5 and 10 players all vs all (one last standing). Price pool should include entry fee + 20% bet that was placed on opponents team .and 30% bonus from city. If that type of game mode would be popular you should make weekly tournaments. Player would love this, i guarantee.

      Second, bioms Tier 2-3 should have one special animal that live only there. It should be fast and have little hp so even begginers could kill it (Maybe rabbit). Killing it would drop special item that would be useful to craft new kind of enchantment (More about it in third point). Making it in early biomes, would not keep high tier players in interest. Becouse in their opinion better way would be simply buying it. And here what could do player in the middle stage of the game do. Price difference would be pretty big, so it would be easy way to earn few silvers. On the occasion they would buy every cheap material from early biomes. In summary it would make Trade with villages more attractive.

      Last one, Unique Enchantments. That are generated randomly (with conditions). If harder condition is met the more benefits it will give to player. For example: If you are wearing hunter hood, mage staff and warrior boots -> your mage spell is making 50% dmg more. This change will give game more sandbox feeling. There will be a lot more builds and many players would not even try copy build from internet.

      That is what i think game would make great use of.
      I only hope that my english is not that bad.^^
    • 1. Lack of instanced PvP (The game does not reward small group play at all, we deserve to enjoy the game as well)
      2. Lack of general content. (Theres dungeons, pvp, and thats about it)
      3. The outdated graphics. Please for the love of god get rid of the top down view runescape feel. This is 2017. No doubt this is the biggest reason so many people see this game and don't play it.
    • 1. Turn red zones into black zones, Yellow into red and blue into yellow.
      2. Only have 1 portal to each continent.
      3. Remove mounts or make it so you can attack from mounts to dismount other players.

      Make this an open world pvp game not a wannabe world pvp game that actually doesn't want to be.
    • This is a small change but one I feel is really important for gatherers. The skinning cap bear trap is primarily used for fighting hide animals, but it is also largely used as an escape tool. The problem is, if you use it as an escape and a somebody steps on it you get branded an outlaw and can't escape with the portal. It is a really cool move that can be used tactically and adds an element of planning your escapes through choke points. But it's terrible if you just get murdered by portal campers when you realize you have no shield and can't leave.
      If would be very nice if the bear trap would not brand a passive gatherer as a outlaw, please consider.
    • rawbelly wrote:

      1. Let me turn off the turbo "swoosh" sprint sound before I go insane. I turn vol down in busy areas. Total out of place sound imho.

      this. this and a thousand times what he said!

      2. up the graphics for PC PLEASE! give us AA at least. this is not Minecraft! I like the art style overall, but make charakters look less blocky.

      3. PLEASE dont slow the grind down even more by making the tools take FOREVER to harvest sth when it doesnt outlevel the material. This is killing me. and give us prettier mules. the Ox is sooooo fuggly. and everyone uses it ALL the time. JESUS!

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    • I'd like to see a different color aura around loot that drops for you in dungeons, or maybe only the red aura if its yours.. Also I think it would be nice to have a more detailed leader board for your guild, be able to tell which members have high crafting, bring in the most tax, reputations, kills etc.
      I'm sure others have suggested being able to right click on someone in chat and add them to group/whisper etc. It would be convenient if we could look at our guild island map without being there and to have an auto sort button for your inventory.
      Lastly, To be able to alleviate fps issues in cities by being able to scale back the number of players shown with a preference for guild/alliance/party etc similar to FFXIV Online.

      That's about all I can think of.. What do you guys think? Wishful thinking? Unnecessary?

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    • 1. More fame for material grinding
      2. more fame for crafting tools
      3. stop breaking my unequipped items in my backpack when I get my butt kicked.

      No but seriously. 2 hours of straight gathering and I only go up 4% on the gathering track. That is some nincompoopery. By that time I've already leveled my crafting for armor and weapons by a fair bit. That and the fact that there are always at least 10 other people harvesting the same stuff for the same reason.

      Any particular reason why tool making is so much slower than weaponsmithing or armorsmithing to rank up?

      As for the items in my backpack.... I'm already losing durability on my tools by endlessly using them, stop kicking me while I'm down.
    • BSIplease

      Can you join 2017 and have the mouse pointers scale with the UI so that those on 4K screen can actually _see_ the mouse pointer (yes, I know.. yolo mouse but that has no proper pointer set for the game and this should be handled by the game proper)!?
      Can we be given the choice which monitor the game runs on so that border-less windowed mode actually works as it should and not always default to monitor 1?
      Also it would be nice for us on multiple monitor setups to be able to lock the mouse to the game screen and not find it wander off onto other screens while still affecting the game..

      So basically, proper UI/UX design..
    • I’ve only logged maybe 4 days in game, so I still have yet to touch on a lot of the content. These aren’t game breaking issues, but things that bug me, obviously #1 is a biggy for me personally, but again, not deal breaking.
      But my top 3 things I would change in Albion Online.

      1) The transition between animations. I think animations are a big part of the game and gives the world a sense of legitimacy and weight. Without proper animations (and the transition between them,) characters will break immersion, and breaks the overall credibility of the world.
      The basic animations in the game are very well done, however it would be great if they did not break, or snap to the next animation. As it currently stands, if I’m mining ore, sometimes the pickaxe will touch the ore, then magically appear above my characters head.
      Also a pet peeve of mine is in regards to changing direction while running/walking and also while on a mount. The fact that there are no animations for doing a 180 or sharp turns. If I’m running in one direction, I can basically snap behind the character to change direction instantly. A really good example of (in my humble opinion) proper mount animations is the Argent Tournament Jousting in World of Warcraft. When you mount on these special mounts, you cannot snap direction changes. The mount will do a realistic direction change while in motion.
      Another good example of character direction change is Guild Wars 2. When you do a complete 180, you see your character physically turn around (its quick, but you actually turn, rather than snap.)

      2) I think this game should be free to play, with optional ‘quick start’ packages and subscription options.

      3) Improve pathfinding to maneuver around objects better.
    • 1. Gathering yield of low tier needs an increase for high tier tools. Gathering is insanely slow. You would like to be self sufficient, but it can be quite grueling.... about 1 hour a piece of gear at T5 right now....maybe more if you consider travel time to a prime mining spot.

      2. Guilds and Alliances should be taxed for the amount of players they have, and the territories they control. This will limit large guilds and get more people into GvG.

      3. Specialization needs bigger bonuses, and the stats listed for specialization.