Pinned Three Things You'd Like Changed in Albion Online

    • The three I would change would be.

      1) The way the destiny board is laid out. It is a great concept but very hard to read. If it could be set up the way SWG skill "boxes" were set up prior to the NGE that would make it much easier to read.

      2) Make a logout to character screen.

      3) Remove fast travel.
    • - Add physics to characters. For instance you can now walk through a line of tanks and damage dealers straight to heals. But it could change the playstyle of a party pvp battles if we could use strategy positioning and blockade players for protecting those with less armor. And in case some could get to heals it would be a great benefit but and a hard goal

      - Resource grind skill should to be decreased. Because the whole gameplay is just grind.

      - Russian chat commands or more friendly chat options for selecting players, linking some stuff and so on.
      - Better optimisation. Macbook pro mid 2013 can only function without frying my hands on 30 fps. But the video doesn't seem very cool for such fps.

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    • 1. rep system
      2. more equipment removal in yellow zones for example (In pvp:1 item drop at random and 1 trash item on death from pvp aswell, Or repair system that reduces max dura on items over time with fail repairs) Economy be screwed atm especially with lower tiered stuff
      3. More PvP small scale PvP incentive and incentive for alliances to accept smaller guilds since its either merge and make mega guild or get removed from alliance in favor for larger guild :(
      4. make it possible to lone wolf hunt people cause atm any harvesters in a 1v1 scenario are basicly immune (unless there stupid and pvp zone harvest on an OX.
    • 1. PROGRESSIVE OUTLANDS - Yellow/Red/Black zone mechanics without reputation.
      2. SOFT CAPED ZONES (clusters/instances etc HG) - More balance and skill depended game.
      3. POLISHED GAME GOALS (gvgs) - GvG = guilds goal, having this feature more wider obtainable(for many players) from very first steps
    • 1. Socket in item and rune or mobs card or jewells with passive buffs +attack, speed, attack speed, def etc.
      2. Elemetal type of damage and property (WATER puts off the FIRE, FIRE burns the EARTH, EARTH stops the WIND, WIND ponders the WATER)
      3. Remove the time zone and leave the creator of the union the right to choose one time of protection for all guilds entering into the union.
    • As a player new to Albion and only having experienced galahad the three improvements i would most like to see are:

      1. Remove the need for essence to refine.
      2. 5 vs 5 duelling option for internal guild tournaments and GVG practice
      3. Improved guild market options to help reduce impact of looters. Currently guild markets are not used as there is no way to prevent a member join a guild goto guild island and empty out guild market and resell on open market. Restrictions on access should be able to be applied to force players to earn higher access via trust and getting invovled.
    • 1. Please move artifact equipment back to middle valence.

      2. Soldiers Boots are worthless now; please revert to pre-Galahad.

      3. Not liking gathering gear sets taking up armor slots andtherefore going against armor advancement and the ability to fight in-class. How abouteliminate the helm, chest and foot gear and add an equipped tools panel with4 slots for 4 tools; a normal tool has no buff, a good tool has 1% yield buffetc. A player could potentially equip 4 of the same tool types for combinedbuff at the cost of being able to gather other resources etc. and changes tothe panel starts a cooldown preventing gathering of resources for X time. This wouldincrease the demand for tools, and tools of quality. Opening the opportunity for alternate equipable effect items like charms/amulets etc. in this 4 +/- slot panel.

      Also really loving the 5-bio regions.
    • Some minor wishes:

      1) The option to put items in slots (e.g. from bag to bank) with ALT/CTRL-leftclick, not only mouse-drag'n'drop.
      2) A pop-up or anything similar to see, which material is needed for building, not just pictures, but its name.
      3) Hotkey (e.g. F9 or F10) to hide/unhide other players. Maybe something like "See all players"/"only friends/guild members/party members"/"hide them all"
    • 1.- Make it so when i mouse over my mount when gathering "mounting up" is a priority, if you dismounted right next to a Resource you cant mount up or is really hard to not "try to gather" to mount up, maybe you could add a Hotkey for that ( not talking about the normal mounting up, but when you have your horse on the side)

      2.- Whats with the dismounts, shouldnt be that easy, like one T5 Cougar takes the health of your horse , you find someone you are dismounted, is that how is suppouse to be?

      3.- Work on the #1 urgently it just got me killed and its really really dumb.