Pinned Three Things You'd Like Changed in Albion Online

    • What direction is Ablion going are we going to get there...
      Sorry if any of this has been said or discussed, Final beta 2016, For anyone who is still here that is.... and not zerg'ed out......

      What is Albion Online, Sand box style game with the you are what you wear mentality, Minus the sand box and the pay to play mentality, I have been playing albion online for several years now ups and downs wipe after wipe been looking forward to this game finally being out. Finally beta here we are and i feel like today we are no closer to where this game should be than where we started... I get this is no my game I'm not building it but i want to play it long term not burn out and be done.

      Changes i would like to see in the Final Beta of the Final Beta....

      Sand... I would like to see this game a sand box for starters, Dev's have still yet to give us places to truely build, guild plots that are cookie cuter no affect on the world. Done keeping us locked away on are islands yet?

      Pay to play.....Gold shop needs to disappear, when my time in this game would be better spent at another job than playing the game something is wrong..

      Premium Status....... I'm ok with the resource bonus or fame bonus, We all like perks but when a game makes you buy more than one account due to perks you would not receive other wise something is wrong. 2nd char same account costs the same as one char on a second account minus the cost of a second copy perks Premium per char costs the same but now you can trade with yourself... Learning points need to disappear make the grind easier for people who pay a subscription fee than we are what we wear again i shouldn't need alts in a game like this........... good games don't need hidden costs they sale themselves................ #MakeAlbiongGreatAgain

      The Zerg....... Blizzard when did they start making this game? Alliances who needs them we don't!! When the people who normally would and should be fighting each other are ganging up on everyone else in the game because they can... /player base dropping by the day what will happen in live! Everyone is bored atm and its a month in.. Like to see 10 man hell rifts more than just Castles fights zerg vrs smaller zerg Limitations on the amount of players each guild can have in these fights 20v20 give us boarders around the castles that limit the number or make them possible to set a siege on.... Territories that actually matter not just the same on every plot that just give a gvg a reason to fight but for land no one really needs, We need content something different the same old same old is getting old...
      You can just hang outside in the sun all day tossing a ball around. Or you can sit at your computer and do something that matters...
    • 1. Better small scale experience (cuz right now it's a zergfest and super laggy with 20v70 fights) Alliance population cap? Rewards for having under 100 member guilds(cosmetic)

      2. Alliance friendly fire (a nice balance, you would have to consider who you ally with. Would make for some juicy politics after you get killed by your ally in group fights)

      3. Gallop on roads (would centralize PvP on roads, if you wanted to risk it for the speed)

      Smallscale was already dead, but now it's impossible with gallop in the current state. I'm triggered

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    • 1: Micro freezes/micro lag
      Currently EVERYONE experiances this every few seconds/mins while playing albion, this is something that NEEDS to be fixed before launch.

      2: New mail in game
      Currently there is no way to tell how many of the mails waiting for you are actual messages from other players/guild mates/alliance mates and how many are currently AH spam messages, it would be useful and handy to have that show up differently, maybe have the new mail message number show up in green for new messages and red for AH mails?

      3: Watch towers in black territory
      Currently the only purpose these serve is to defend a VERY small area around them and thats all, Better would be to change them slightly so that When someone or a group comes into a territory your guild owns, or leaves, that it gives a warning so that the guild controlling the territory knows someone (or possibly a group) has entered that territory, or even just warns of people coming in, it should NOT however give names, numbers, guild/alliance information of the person or group that has entered the territory, this serves 3 functions, 1 it tells the guild there's possibly a chance at pvp and 2 warns people gathering that they need to be careful due to no longer being alone in the territory, cause atm taking a ox on a farming run is practially a case of running round on a loot pinyana, and is NOT worth the risk vs the reward (the reward being more efficent gathering), and 3 currently people (non guild) can just waltz into zones and gather high end mats in the case of T6-T8 zones with little risk unless their unlucky and run into someone in the zone, having watch towers setup this way increases the risks vs rewards without slewing it too much into too high a risk vs rewards.
      Also possibly have it add a slight increase to the amount of resources farmed per "use" of each resource, ie chopping down trees for logs, owning the tower in the territory might give the gatherer an extra 2 logs etc.
      IE make it more desirable to actually own territory.

      4: Lag with large open world battles (yes i know it's ment to be three things but...)
      Currently Large scale battles in open world usually involve LOTS of AOEs flying round all over the place, this leads people FPS to bomb from 30-60 fps down to 2 or even 1 FPS, this is something that needs desperately looking at, possibly consider contacting intel, AMD and Nvidia for assistance with optimising the graphics/game somewhat, either way please focus on fixing this as much as possible as after launch presumably when there's going to be a LOT more more players round leading to likely higher numbers of players fighting in open world battles.

      5: Farm Plots
      Currently these are EXTREMELY limited and generaly does not supply even close to the required numbers for guilds, leading to a lot of guild members capable of helping their guilds via farming but being unable to do so due to the lack of farm plots, possibly consider removing farm plots as they currently exist and have a similar system as the islands but owned by guilds controlling the territory and still having a limited number of available plots (possibly upgradable by the guild, via upgrading the npc/building that allows the farm plot islands) this will allow you to test and scale farm plots available to guilds, allowing more guild members to help their guilds via farming, raising mounts etc while still having a finite limit on how many are actually available based on the tier of the npcs, this also would also be another factor increasing the desirabilty of taking over another guilds "base" in black zones.

      6: Castles
      These Do not really serve ANY purpose other than having chests in them, possibly consider changing them from castles to a small keep, while also allowing guilds to upgrade their bases ultimately towards actual castles and possibly allowing either GvGs for them (team sizes based on the Tier of the upgraded castle which could allow for upto 20vs20 GvGs) or even Sieges? and like any castle in history, small villages sprung up round them and ultimately grew to be cities, so this eventually allows players to upgrade them into full blown cities, trade places etc.

      Quite sure people can add to this idea :)
    • 1) Remove LP or change it somehow so alts don't mean as much as they do now. Currently you can get around a majority of game mechanics by just having alts - so what's the point?

      2) Fix the sound bugs. As a long time gamer especially in first person shooters you learn to rely on your hearing for extra information in the game, and that's HUGE in AO since you can hear further than you can see. I can't tell you how many times I hear something from my headset that sounds behind me, but come to realize it was in front or on my left. It's extremely frustrating that game gives you false information like that.

      3) Skills on gear need a lot more balancing. There are a few builds that have strong cc/mobility/dmg outshining most other builds. Each build should have a strong impact in the role it's supposed to fulfill, and be weaker somewhere else, and light/medium/heavy armor need some serious adjustments.
    • hi everyone,

      Here some things o think it should be changed:

      -Fast travel to gvg combats.
      -New tool to invite to party easy
      -New tool to search and find maps and cities.
      -More rare material spawns and more materials from each node. Like previous beta. Faster respawn.
      -Bigger weapons for high tiers, and bigger visual effects for habilities for higher tiers.
      -Home recall with an hour coldown
      -More shops in the cities
      -For gvg combats all the members should wear the same tier, depending on the map could be higher or lower, but all the members should wear the same tier.
      -More activities for solo players.
      -Instant gvg for practice between members of the same guild, like duels 5vs5.
      -Add a system to recollect materials for the guilds, like a part of the materials that we get go to the guild or something like that.

      thank you

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    • i'm very disappointed because of a few things:

      - Gold is available for real money. Cash grab much? This will be very unhealthy for the game in the long run.
      - The outrageous, awful LP system.
      - The disgusting, pay to win transmuter and equipment quality reroll system.
      - The game is advertised as a sandbox but the sandbox elements are ridiculously shallow, the economy is controlled by real money, by pay to win elements.
      - Only 1 character should be available per account.
      - The maps ("biomes") are so artificial, copy-paste, so empty, so dull, it should be a natural looking full open world like it was at the beginning.
      - Farming resources is a boring, frustrating chore, a job for which we don't get paid. I don't mind grinding though, if it is entertaining, relaxing and rewarding.
      - The housing (island) system, farming crops, breeding animals is dull, bland, boring, half-assed. The 24 hour growth time for basic crops on those miniscule parcels is ridiculous.
      - The game is buy to play and it's in alpha / beta stage (since ~3 years...) but botters are stealing all of the high tier resources and there is gold sellers...
      - There is barely any PVE content, dungeons are a bad joke, they are absolutely pointless.
      - Developing and releasing the same version of the game for PC and mobile platforms is a huge mistake because the limits of the mobile platform fatally limit the PC version. SI should make this game either for PC or for mobile platforms.
      - The devs seems to cater only to moba pvp players, there is nothing to do in this game besides gathering resources like a slave (this part of the game is just a glorified farmville...), crafting or buying gear and then playing the dull, boring zerg pvp. Every pvp player is using the same few effective, or flat out OP meta builds.
      - The devs are in bed with the leaders of the biggest guilds / alliances, a few players rule the whole game. GG WP

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    • duel scams need further dealin with.. too many still making millions a day putting players off to continue playing...
      also the two ok buttons for sending a challenge and accepting them are right on top of each other...
      so if you look down to type in 500 silver to give a bit to the friend you are dueling (and planning to lose against anyway)and then go to move your mouse to where you know the ok button is... you may find yourself clicking 'ok' on a diff request from another player and the 3 second timer is already gone... and thus.. useless... so pretty sorry attempt at fixing that.. i already knew about the duel scammers but when one slid a challenge in while i was already about to hit that ok button... they got me for everything i had... can't believe that is still being condoned / rewarded. not good for a community hope its fixed before they permanently damage your customers experiences after launch.

      And it is beginning to be sad some of the obvious changes that need to be made.. especially some of the very easy ones... too numerous to begin listing but... makes me wonder if they don't even want certain things fixed... or don't know how badly some things will affect there bottom line long haul if said haul makes it to the long level...
    • Limited fast travel FROM blackzone cities, basically naked travel from blackzone cities to any safe zone city you just cant go back from safe zone cities to black zone or red zone cities and you can NOT carry anything on you, ie not even wear weapons etc.
      Reason for this is currently its a royal pain in the ass for people who are running T2 mats for their guid to have to run/suicide to a safe zone city just to fast travel to the end city they want, to then have to run all the way back with the resources they have on them, cutting down travel time leaving the black zones would be good.
      As said this would only be FROM not TO the black zone cities and only completely naked so you can NOT carry anything with you.
    • Rellin wrote:

      1. The development team and their slow pace, constant launch delays, and poor decision making skills.

      2. LP & alts

      3. Yellow & red zones. Everything should be black.
      solid comment we all know exactly what you mean. LP? just change it in anyway, same for alts, just do something to alts. add more? make them permanent premium? idc, just alts!
    • owensssss wrote:

      Rellin wrote:

      1. The development team and their slow pace, constant launch delays, and poor decision making skills.

      2. LP & alts

      3. Yellow & red zones. Everything should be black.
      solid comment we all know exactly what you mean. LP? just change it in anyway, same for alts, just do something to alts. add more? make them permanent premium? idc, just alts!
      We do seem to be forced to use alts.. those of us who like to able to do a lot more than u could with one set of lps in the same amount of time.
    • 1 - Only one Character per account and add a quest to reset destiny Board at least once.

      2- Replace "/suicide" for "/Teleport" ( No gear or items ,same rules), Its just stupid to suicide to get home. and its not even a nice word/way to be talking about , it should be a Baned word instead. And we know why!

      3 - Add some PvP Arena - Like Battlerite 3x3 or 5x5, same as yellow zone chest,Its fun and we know it.

      'Spin to win'
    • an instructional book or page that breaks down how it all works. I mean ALL. Down to what the symbols by the names mean. So many questions could be just answered right there.

      HANG OUT SPOTS. We need arenas. We need places out of town with guards that allow low rep Ppl to enter (not a town more like a place with some amenities). Dungeons that once again encourage impromptu groups. Group duels (not arranged a year in advance).

      Content. Just put some stuff out there. Dire wolf caves. NPCs that randomly roam and ask for help......something.
    • A Stable game, since the devs applied the content patch and then ended up having to roll back the build version of the game (yes some of us noticed that) the game has been a LOT less stable and people across the board have been DCing in instances, GvGs hell even open world fights.
      during this fight between gentlemen and Envy, several people on envy DCd and then not to long later 20 of them DCd/crashed randomly, all you saw on envy saide of things was a long list of people showing as suddenly gone off line and people going "wtf?? I crashed" on TS during this, quite sure gentlemen also had similar things happening while this was going on.
      End of the day NO ONE wants to risk their gear when they could loose everything due to something outside of their control ie game crashing all over the place, hell who likes loosing GvGs and gear cause the game currently is that f**ked up that you WILL get crashes and DCs during GvGs?
    • I read through a lot of these Post in this topic it is funny to hear in the same sentence a guy complain to the games not hardcore enough and then complain about traveling being too hardcore.

      Try to be happy or move on.....once you get to a certain point....your no longer enjoying the game

      Some of the requests are valid.....cant make every one happy
      Blame the smart phone for typo's.