Pinned Three Things You'd Like Changed in Albion Online

    • no.1 change it to free to play because as you said it was free to play but you change it anyways
      no.2 if you want this game to hit like the trailer said. invite more players to play it
      no.3 and finaly my last wish is remove the pay to play method in this game because not all have money in the internet like me because i really like this game because it is free to play and i cant play it myself your invite players and earn a founders pack is bullshit which means you want players to invite other players and the invited other players cant play because they need to invite other players which who cant play because they need to invite other players you see what i mean it goes on a loop that this game will never be played by players like me
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      you see im not playing the game but i already have ideas for it if you let me let us enjoy the game we can help you build a nice and better worls]d just plssssssss plsssssssssss remove the fucking pay to play method ty i can help you blablabla free to play games wooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    • assassinspeaker wrote:

      no.3 and finaly my last wish is remove the pay to play method in this game because not all have money in the internet like me because i really like this game because it is free to play and i cant play it myself your invite
      Hopefully never gonna happen. In what world do you live in? ... Nothing is for free .. if you have a hobby you have to pay for it.

      1) Better Targetting ... Its sooo annoying right now, as a healer it is almost impossible ... Clicking on a person usually ends up clicking on the wrong person or deselecting your target.

      2) Get rid of this nonsense Tablet UI ... Popups over the whole screen, which you cant even cancel with ESC ... Make notifications slider rather than blocking screen popups (died so often because of a GvG win/lose popup in the middle of a fight)

      3) Do something against the lack of T2 materials for Black Zones
    • 1

      Bring the old armor spells back or tone down weapon mobility. Now that you have decreased the mobility in armors it brings the difference in weapon mobility. This leads to low variety of pvp builds in small and mid scale pvp. It also ruins the fun in pvp from other weapons than the mobile ones.

      In my experience ive seen the most different builds in the start of the beta1 after curse nerf.


      Make specialization count more. Instead of giving a static ammount of item power increase make it a relative increase to item power. Its far easier to understand and counts better in endgame. It also gives more incentive towards the mob grind. Some people might like to get the advantage by crafting high end gear and collecting rare resources. Others like to specialize and gain more advantage while using cheaper gear.
    • #1. Better PC UI
      Make UI more PC friendly with more options, now it look like I stay on a touch screen device.

      Lagenia wrote:

      Get rid of this nonsense Tablet UI ... Popups over the whole screen, which you cant even cancel with ESC ... Make notifications slider rather than blocking screen popups (died so often because of a GvG win/lose popup in the middle of a fight)

      #2. More Customization
      Make items and character more customizable, it will be nice to add some effects on weapons/armors.

      #3. More mounts/pets
      Would be pretty cool to have more mounts and pets who give different bonuses or something like that.
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    • Sirlacker wrote:

      Create worthwhile dungeons, that take a while to achieve, not just a copy/paste job with crappy filler mobs.

      Each cluster of land is big, allow some slots in each one to be bought by premium players to create a more believable world. Even if you already place the houses/farms etc and don't allow people to change them, it'll make for a unique cabin in the woods everyone can look at and enjoy, or a unique outpost a guild could own.
      I Think these are very obivious things to do. +1

      *Not only different interactive structures to the empty zones but also specific npc's and encounters for surprise action and exploration-discovery. I want to be killed by a suddenly appearing monster that attacks to god reputation players then gather my friends but see that it has vanished.

      *Create a pool of bonuses and give it to the crafters after certain amounts of progression then let them sign their weapon. Similar thing by giving titles bonuses and killing rewards that progress by PvP only.

      *The game has to be fun, never forget that and If the system takes my 1 hour after a defeat to craft and PvP again, I simply dont have the time and wont play. Instead of punishing, try rewarding the other side more.
    • I am playing as Healer and there are some things that bothers me:

      1. Allow to autohit Monsters between the healing cast times.

      2. Healing Partymembers without having to klick on them. (Mouse over the Character or Avatar)

      3. (Not only for Healers) Show the HP bar of all Monsters not only the one you are focusing.

      Great work so far, i am enjoying Albion :)
    • 1. Make smoke fog to prevent zoom hack. I met twice zoom hack in hellgates and it pissed me off.

      2. All swords have same skills and that skills boring. New skills for swords would be nice.

      3. Hellsgate pvp sucks because most users have zoom hack. In addition, this hack is undetectable. Removed hellsgate pvp would be nice.

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    • I am new to this game, and i like it allot. I started with not liking it at all but after a while i liked it more and more. There are some points i dont like it. First the camera MUST be able to turn arround though its very hard some times to see what is in front of you or in the back. Music? i not heard any background music at all? need music? i can help. Events: make some events for players, i mean make some fun in christmas and other celebrating days.
    • Some buildings are hard to click to start demolishing with demo hammers, butcher's being one example, you have to try clicking multiple times to find the "sweet spot" that allows you to start working on demolishing a building, this needs to change.

      Also currently you can only use the tier of demolition hammer or higher that matches the tier of the building, better would be allowing all demo hammer tiers to be used, damage based on the tier, for example tier 1 does normal damage to tier 1 buildings, less to tier 2 etc and tier 8 does normal damage to T8 buildings but more to lower level buildings, this allows guild members who might not be able to use tier 8 demo hammers to help knock down T8 buildings, instead of basically being relegated to the sidelines doing jack diddly as a result and unable to help their guilds etc when demolishing buildings
    • Open world gathering places.....spots for Ppl to hang out in the open world. Guards present that allow for the non reputable folks to be there BUT prevent players attacking players each other. Outdoor arenas.....villages with small amounts of plots or an AH (neg rep Ppl can still get gear if stuck outdoors....high prices so good for economy) name it. Stuff to do in the open world. Texture.

      Sub layers to the terrain.....maybe a path to the bottom of a canyon.....a cave that is part of the open world that doesn't enter a separate map but goes down on the main map. Each subsequent layer could elevate the top layer is green zone....down in the canyon is yellow.....the caves in the canyon are red. Maybe higher tiered mobs as you go. Some space to play a little. Maybe they could be rep free (mini black zones when you go down enough).

      Farming skills that allow you to actively farm......NOT time based actions that make you


      .....hoeing....weeding.....grooming.....stuff to make farming fun.

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    • 1. You should make that camera can spin around you like in other games, for example in runescape ? cause when you run and you are in some corners or behind trees u cant see what u are killing or, what is behind something, cause u cant turn around and look, you should add some option to unlock camera and u can turn around your character, that would be great. it would make game play more satisfying and enjoyable.

      2. Party system is not enough clear, u are in party u kill monsters but loot goes to person who loot's it first, or when u pick up money in party only you get it, and i don't know why. other time money splits but other time it goes to me only if i pick it up, and when u do quests together with friends u need kill for example some 10 mobs, but when u kill them only person who did last hit, gets the kill, so it means if i play with 3 friends we need kill 30 monsters not 10, and it slows down things, and means we need play solo and when we are maxed we need go play as team, that's not fun.

      3.u should make something about map, need make it more understandable, cause i cant even see party members if they are not in my location why they show as offline, and if we are in party i can't even see that little tiny spot of yellow dot which represents friend, so need to make it more clearly visible maybe ?
    • Hell'o Albion devs, team and players,

      This is what I think personaly:

      1) The economics system is definitely no equal for all type of profession. The resource gathering looks fine even if the idea that to make one level higher resource you need one level less resource is quite nonsense for my taste. The real problem is the farmer/herbs/animals on island is stuck with 20hours of waiting that crops must crow... The makes each potion/food ingredients horribly expensives and at level 4 to more the potions can cost so much! Sometimes the price of a weapon for a consumable!!! And the resources needed to make a potion cost awfully aswell.
      This result in an impossible economy to gain silver because it cost more to buy the resources needed then to price you can sell your potion. And it also make potion maker put potion at awfull price.
      Why don't you just let the island farm work like resource outside. Give same amount of fame as mining, wood shop... but let the crop be ready at the same rate or a little more time. But let it grow faster. It'll result in more resource to make potion, less expensive resources and less expensive potion (that are consumable).
      This is the same problem for food, and other island farm stuff... If I want to be a farmer and cooking chef I want to be able to spend hours of play on farming my crops. Like miner have to do to make axes or so...
      BTW more potions types, food type and definitely more level for each like for weapons to specialise even more.

      2) The system is going in a better way to make live harder for the red player but not enough in my taste. I mean that they still have too much advantages.
      The red player are the one that like beeing the mean one, they must be sneaky, they must be organised and enjoy their style of play, I personaly love this! But lol on Albion I can do and access all stuf f even beeing red. LoL thank you, where is my punishment to steal all the stuff of a miner that just was full of tier 5 or 6 resources? I steal all his stuff and then go to my island or guild island and use it to make myself nice weapons. Thanks! No risk at all, no punishment at all and I'll be even stronger!
      I'll take the example of Ultima Online (before vanilla) to explain. Nobody was able to play on safe zone (out of city) and red player where not able to enter any city. It meant that they had the obligation to trade with some blue player, some merchant to sell their stuff looted on other player they killed. It meant that they had to buy merchant out of city to try to sell their loot... By avoiding the ability to have everything while being a PK you open the trade route with the other player of the game and built some confident, betray, trap exchange...
      Last, we have too much safe zone... Let city be safe and the neighbours zone only and all have tier 1 to 4 resources. All other zone contain tier 1 to 8 resource (with %age rate according to rarity) and all zone are PvP. You stay near city you have lot of poeple to gather same resource, you go far in the wild you have less people the gather resource so more chance to get them but at the risk you're far away from city to flee from criminals and thieves...

      3) Put more taxes on the general shop where player can sell their stuff and give the possibility to player to sell for a fixed price and less interesting to the general shop like you do for quest giver they have an amount of money (the store will have the money from taxes and will be able to buy for less from player).
      Give the possibility to player to put a vendor on their island, guild island and on their city shop if they have one and want to make it public and without taxes.
      I don't want you to create a copy of Ultima Online but before Vanila this game was awesome in the way the economy worked!

      Great game so far, I enjoy grinding my axe craft but would like to do the same with my cook...

      Sorry for mistakes I certainly did, not my mother language.

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