Pinned Three Things You'd Like Changed in Albion Online

    • Are you kidding me? Do you just want me to keep listing things (which I could)? Brainless.
      Also.. how is that 8? I listed a dozen different building types alone. A Weapon line is 7 different Weapons. Do you breathe with your mouth open? Because if you do, do the world a favour and close it.
      Even a white rose has a black shadow.
    • WHIT3ROS3 wrote:

      Also.. how is that 8?
      1. New buildings on island
      2. New buildings in openworld
      3. Stone Golems
      4. Golem arena
      5. Stone based gear
      6. Black Market
      7. Quests based on city fortification
      8. Faction outpost updates

      WHIT3ROS3 wrote:

      I listed a dozen different building types alone
      hedging because you couldnt really come up with dozens of 'ideas'. But well done on those 8 ... some of them are actually quite good
      T8 Fibre, Ore, Hide, Wood & Stone Gatherer
      T8 Gathering Gear Crafter
      T8 Bags & Capes Crafter
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      I am a new player and I have a suggestion for a slight update to the reputation system that is currently in place.

      While playing Albion OnlineI see that often times players will go and farm the same resource node that I’mworking on and take resources that I have started to harvest. If the player isa high enough level they will take all the resources that I am working on and Iwon’t get any resources from the node even though I started to work on it first. would like to see a penalty inthe form of a decrease in reputation points if the actual reputation systemprovides any benefit to the player. I feel like it is a hostile action.