Pinned Three Things You'd Like Changed in Albion Online

    • My last post in this thread was back in 2018.

      Three things I would change in Albion Updated.

      1) Reduce the size of the black zone. The world is too big as it is, there is too much hand holding and there is too little a reason to fight for a place to live, when you can just move to a new location. Roads included, added way too many new zones and the player base that are Black zone ready is just NOT there.

      2) Put resources back into territories. Defending territories and raiding enemy territories was some of the most fun content in the game. If you didn't want to defend it, then you didn't deserve it. It created lots of conflict in the game and small scale fights that this game is now lacking. You can keep all the T8 in the open world, but adding a guaranteed Big Node Spawn in the territories means territories have some value again.

      3) Season Point Drain on Hideouts over 1 per zone AND over X/Y/Z per guild/Alliance. Hideout spam needs to be addressed. Also needs a small channel to the Hideout/Ava Roads. Nothing big, just enough like remounting.

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    • When in a healing or buffing role add a fade/greyout effect on party members who are beyond cast range.

      As a healer it is really frustrating to go down your party list, especially in GvG, trying to heal up your members when half the members are outside of your vast range or even off screen. Something of the described nature above would be beneficial in helping healers position and heal more efficiently in team fights.

      With the nerfs to Hallowfall and the healing debuff in general it feels like the role is has an excessive amount of hurdles to get over when playing.

      PS thank you for all your hard work and I appreciate the game!
    • 1. Personal Islands and Guild islands having the same biome of the city they are connected to (example: Fort Sterling connected islands look like they are part of the winter biome) makes guilds feel more connected to their city and faction

      2. More interesting dungeons, like adding new mechanics to make it more fun instead of a boring grind for fame. Like giving it mechanics sort of similar to a corrupted dungeon invasion, but instead of it being a player or it knocking you out when you're defeated, add a chance that a wandering Caerleon-themed bandit boss enters the dungeon and if the player defeats it the boss drops loot but also has a chance to drop rare game-generated loot (such as vanity items, could add more vanity if needed), and if they are knocked or killed before the bandit boss is defeated the boss leaves the dungeon and takes some of the final chests loot with it.

      3. More player customization. Can't say this enough, but people love having their own unique look in games to set them apart from others. Please add more player customization, more avatar portraits, rings, vanity clothing, etc. People want to look different, they want to match their mounts, they want to look cool fighting in zvzs. Leaders of guilds want something that sets them apart from their members... There are endless possibilities for this. Please go crazy with the vanity stuff :)

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    • It will be nice if developers at least will stop doing nonsense.
      There is no sense in new content, while an existing functionality doesn't work.
      Bugs, freesezes, ping, disconnects, broken balance, empty locations ...

      You start to play. And get first death because your invisibility potion had no effect.
      Then you get another fight with one-shot pike, where you see two frames:
      1. Enemy is in 7-10m range.
      2. In 3-4 seconds, the enemy is behind you and you have already lost 3\4 HP(and please don't tell me about SSD now. I play it on top hardware for today).

      And after that you read some sh*t like:
      "Now there is a new mount. And the grass is moving now! It's really cool. to make the world alive!"?

      Avalonian roads, dungeons, updated heal-gates. Make this simpy WORK AT FIRST!

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    • Add the ability to change skills via key binds.

      For example, to change my Q slot ability I press Ctrl+Q, which will cycle through each of my Q slot options.

      This will remove the need to navigate menus by clicking in a situation where time is valuable.

      Thank you for the inspect key bind! I’d like to see this done for skills!

      Edit: In addition, I’d like to see auto attack standtime as well as auto attack/ability use interactions addressed. See this other thread. Standtime values seem to vary greatly for different weapons in ways that don’t make sense to me. Also, I think that using an ability should cancel any auto attack animation you may be in the middle of, and take priority. I hate that sometimes I don’t get defensive abilities off quickly enough because I was in the middle of an auto attack animation. Thanks!

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    • Hello, the proposal to cancel the mechanics of food in buildings.This mechanic only puts a strain on the overall gameplay for solo and PVE players, because crafting and farming requires constantly replenishing the level of food in buildings.
      A very long time to grow a person and the constant need to bring food to the buildings for crafting the same food makes the process of crafting the same food very difficult.
    • i would love if they would change the hideouts and would make em to forts or small open villages in the size of the mercenary banks u can find in some areas

      the hideouts are cool but its lame that they are just small underground bunkers.

      some small village were u also could buy faction/guard npcs that would protect them and upgrade to better fort walls (pallisades to small walls players could walk on idk)
      but something that is more open than these little bunkers

      and limit them to 3-4 per map so people have to take down the other ones first before they could set up more (to counter hideout spam)
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    • Midgard wrote:

      Barry420 wrote:

      i would love if they would change the hideouts and would make em to forts or small open villages in the size of the mercenary banks u can find in some areas
      Like the homeplot territories that they used to have in the game, that were pretty good? Yes
      was this some kind of beta thing? sry but i started after the game went f2p so idk

      or are u talkin about the city plots?!

      im talkin about small placeable villages or litte forts u could set up anywhere like hideouts now
      something that is more openworld and would have more impact on the maps itself

      like the starbases in eve online or how housing/faction bases in star wars galaxies worked^^
      guilds could own/control maps and fight over the ressources but the system should be balanced so it wouldnt be a total nightmare for solo players

      the hideouts are already really close to this but its just lame that they are underground without a little village/outpost/faction base etc
      there are many options but these little underground bunkers we have now are abit lame in my opinion
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