Pinned Three Things You'd Like Changed in Albion Online

    • 1. Give the player the opportunity to move all parts of the interface as they wish (not just one chat and party window). This will make the game much more convenient.

      2. Give the opportunity to change the brightness, preferably in each location separately (I mean hideouts, dungeons and an open world).

      3. Add the option "always day / night" in the open world - in some locations too bright or too dim lighting at different times of the day.
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    • Hello everyone,

      I would like to see a more solo user friendly environment, as most guilds do not help newcommers.
      1) red zones dungeons would allow diving according to the number of persons that actually are into (for instance, if 1 playes is ff, only one player should be allowed to dive and so on).
      2) create a european server, we are suffering from high lag and ms
      3) keep the weapons balanced.
    • Hello Everyone,

      I started this game 2 weeks ago and really enjoy my time. I have played 91 hours in these 2 weeks. I do have to say that the community can be very toxic and unfriendly, but it is not the fault of the game.

      What I do would love to see is change in the PVP system in yellow zones and red zones. I would love to farm and do dungeons, but keep constantly getting killed. Now obviously that is part of the game and it does give a thrill and excitement to it, but I think the punishment for killing nonhostile players is nearly zero and should be higher. I keep getting killed by either very experienced, high level players or whole groups who just literally shit on you while walking around, whilst you are merely gathering some logs and being nonhostile, losing all my equipment and loot. I think this should be more punishment, but instead they get all the loot for killing beginners AND they get fame on top of that.

      This system makes it very unfriendly for beginners and solo players. You cannot farm nor do dungeons whenever you feel like. So you actually exit the game and do something else instead EVENTHOUGH you really would like to play Albion!


    • Yes, I agree with that since today I reached the limit of my patience. Today like every day I go to Bridgewatch to collect skins for my crafting, in Lazygrass Plains, yellow zone. Ok it is a PvP zone, but it is really ... The 8.3 level gankers start to annoy people who are harmless and who cannot defend themselves from them? I am sick of them ruining MY way of ENJOYING the game that is PVE, it is worth that it is focused on PvP, but please ask for some passive bonus or superior defense status against players when they are wearing a gathering gear . It is not right for innocent people to be attacked.

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    • 1: instantiate ZvZ. (T5=20vs20) (T6=30vs30)
      (T7=50vs50) (T8=100vs100) and in the middle (T8=150vs150)

      2:more type of monsters.the game is grindy af but we just have 5 types of dungeons.
      Patch trolll,dragons,what ever to make it more deversivied

      3:snow lands delete my eyes. Just make them not so white XD. It hurts if you sit in a dark romm and watch on a big white srenn
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      1. Ability to run silver in/out reports. For example, I want to run a monthly report that shows everything I bought in the AH and everything sold. Also all my expenses including repairs, usage fees etc. Everything.

      2. Zone layout needs to be changed. Everyone zone of the same type, is the same. Every zone should be unique. They currently feel bland and boring.

      3. Non HCE Expeditions that go past tier 6. The queue system for t6 expeditions is great but t6 is too easy. Yeah, I could find a group doing HCE's but I want to be able to queue up for a group rather than finding a group in the LFG channel.