Pinned Three Things You'd Like Changed in Albion Online

    • Let's see three things:

      1) Personal Quest Log: I know this game doesn't do quests, but I would like to build a gathering/hunting list with specific goals that would update on the UI - the only reward would be a check mark when it gets completed and I would be happy with that. Ideally I would like to be able to click on an item I would like to craft and it give me a breakdown of the items I need to gather, then what I need to craft, etc.

      2) Get rid of the crowds in the cities: I have an older PC and those crowds will boot me faster than a drunk uncle at a Christmas party. Then I need to log back in and try to zone out before it boots me again. If we could just instance cap the overcrowded zones with say 20 players it would be much better. I don't see the point of showing so many avatars anyway - that isn't how people meet in game.

      3) More content for those that don't like PVP: I know this is a PVP intensive game, and that's fine - I enjoy the adrenaline rush sometimes, but when you can't teleport like in other games and you get deep into the black zone and suddenly real life calls and says you need to change a diaper, or something of that nature... it can get frustrating. I remember back when I played WoW and I would always pick the Night Elf because shadowmeld would let you afk in normally hazardous places.
    • EthosIV wrote:

      Heres my two cents after a couple weeks of gaming.
      1. early game (t3-5)solo dungeons and group dungeons are a major waste of time. Group dungeons tend to force people into specific rolls leaving others out and the green dungeon mechanic is terrible. You ride around and go into 4 green dungeons before you find one that you can run. That's a half hour of riding around looking for a dungeon that you might get 50k fame for. The time per Fame in royal zones aren't worth it. If your a bow player like me, no one will want you to run warbow in a group dungeon. so if you want to level that up you have to run solo's/

      2. Now that you have wasted far to long sitting in your gaming chair not really accomplishing much you realize I need to step up the fame farm. you join a good guild with a good alliance, you travel into bz and you go to their hideout. your spending silver on new gear but your spec is still pretty low. you get attacked by 4-6 people who are able to knock you off your mount and stun/silence you, slow you and then your dead. You got NO chance especially when they are higher spec. THIS makes me think of two things, As a new player this game is absolute cancer when it comes to trying to catch up. There needs to be more forms of gaining fame because people who have been around just punk on new players and new players don't have much of a chance. Your guild will probably run some group things but as a new player you will struggle to hit any of those requirements.. so your forced back to the royal zones to farm which will literally take forever. Not worth it in my opinion.

      3. You manage to find yourself a dungeon in the BZ but as an early warbow player it will take you forever to clear these dungeons especially a T-8. At the rate your going you may as well be running a greataxe, fame cap and use fame credits to level up your bow. Once again forcing people down certain paths. The amount time in this game I feel stagnant and not achieving much is much more than the times I feel like I am getting a good grind in. The game is actually pretty terrible with a group finding system no one really uses. you spend hours in the /lfg trying to get a group together for the Randoms to run one dungeon and quit(in royals). Honestly as a new player (Other than an AVA dungeon) I am yet to run a fame farm group with my guild or alliance. Mostly because of my IP so what's a new guy to do? I typically ask daily if anyone wants to run something and most don't reply. I guess most people run greens so that's what I attempt to do. I got on this morning and within 10 minutes before I hit my first green dungeon I was met with a pretty solid gank group. Its part of the game and not that big of a deal to me but I do wish I could at least fight back somewhat. This won't keep me from playing the game because I want to get better and I want to pvp. You need to have a goal in mind with games like this... its the amount of time trying to reach that goal in a stagnant state that has me concerned.
      1. Group dungeons ARE made for groups and should require certain roles. It is core concept of a party, everyone has a certain role. You are trying to force 1v1 pvp weapon role into group content. There are other bows for group play that benefit the group. Solo weapons are slower to grind. If you want to grind off meta group weapon then you need a guild mates who are willing to carry you for fame. Warbow can be farmed in group but warbow should not be first bow you grind your core spec up. First grind pve bow (i.e longbow/badon) of the tree to 100 spec and then swap to pvp weapon after you have core open at 100/100.

      2. Getting ganked by 4-6 people really doesn't come down to spec. They will kill you even with high spec if you are not pvp veteran running good pvp build. You can't expect to run RZ/BZ green dungeons with low spec pvp weapon fast enough anyways so that gankers would not catch up to you while you are cleaning out a dungeon at a snails phase. Longer you are in a dungeon, the higher the chance is that some random group will jump you. Yes running low spec pvp weapon in RZ/BZ dungeons is not worth it.

      3. You should not push yourself to t8 BZ solo dungeon if you are struggling to clean lower tier dungeons at acceptable speed. You cant compare warbow and greataxe at pve as greataxe is nearly only pve weapon built for fast pve and nearly useless at pvp. If you don't like axes go for pve bows like longbow or badon. You level your core spec up way faster and get IP score to point where you are not struggling to find groups. Currently you are making your own life harder by forcing warbow build that is not optimal for fame farming. Fame farming build and pvp build are two different things. I see that you want to pvp but you need to separate those two things.

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    • 1. Please have the option to on/off the enchant glow effect. It's look awesome before the latest patch today that enchanted weapons don't have the glow effect. It's so stupid looking a character looking like death with a glowing fairy God mother staff.
      2. Please make solo dungeons actually "SOLO" dungeons not like someone can barged in and make your day miserable or unless that was the intent to begin with when other people can go in.
      3. That's it. Thank you
    • New

      Improvements to Que"able" PVP Content

      1. Add new 10v10 Arena Content (w/ 10-15-min. time caps)
      -Small Map Arena( Highest Kills Wins?)
      - Long Map Capture the Flag
      - Zone Control
      - Objective (Slay Enemy General?)

      2. Improve Arena Que
      - If 10v10, have preference of 2 healers, but don't require it for game to start.
      - Place CD penalty for Que dodgers.
      - Balance teams based on PVP Fame / Win/loss Percentages

      3. Increase Fame and Rewards for Arena
      - Add fame reward similar to what would be gained in an expedition for all players.(Maybe based on kills?)
      - Increase Silver reward for winning team, and small portion for losing team.

      Great Features Currently
      - Group Expeditions are awesome!
      - Mobile Joystick (Sweet)!
      - Crafting