Pinned Three Things You'd Like Changed in Albion Online

    • Myri wrote:

      Toggle PvP on and Off All Maps like New World or Just no looting players on Open World, I will never go to those zones or waste money on a sub or gold because of this and stay only on safe zones. Its a shame this is whats stopping the game from being mainstream.

      Amazon understood their own issue and gave the public PvE audience although badly and boring but they saw the issue. If PvP here was like on mosy mainstream mmorpg there would be more players.
      This game is not for you, 90% of the player base plays this game JUST because of that, if you want yet another millennial game, go play millennial games.
    • 1. The inventory weight indicator. It's marked "Max" load, but it states; "You can carry a load of up to # kg before your move speed is reduced."

      This is wrong, I put 90 kg of carrots in my inventory when I am naked and have a 100 kg "max" load, yet my carrying capacity reads 180%. My movement speed is "reduced" at merely 50.1 kg. So, I guess an accurate tooltip about carrying capacity? It doesn't seem to matter if I am carrying 100.1% or 999% of my capacity, I can still "move". The cut off seems to be 1000%, but the reduced speed indicator is misleading.

      2. Shop foods; it makes sense, feed the people working for you. What doesn't make sense, is the decay and capacity rate. You can give the shop keep hundreds of bowls of soup and barely make a dent on their nutrition "bar"(note, not rating) this means that they have the capacity for likely several thousand meals. Yet you can also feed them one meal in a week, and they are fine if you are not using them.

      Though its an interesting concept and saves time and effort, where is it going? I'll just take out one of the bowls of un-refrigerated food that I was given weeks ago... I understand that its an "as used" decay rate, but perhaps a timer would make more sense? Realism in a game is relative, okay, I get that, but maybe a few meals per day that can be moderately effected by the work load? Adding onto a timer for each meal you give them? Obviously you would get more hungry the more energy you expend, but throwing thousands of meals at someone to make them "full" is strange I think. It would also change the way people interact with private islands and moderate shops in public. Of course, for personal islands, people that know they will be gone a long time may have to pack up their shops or have a "hiatus status".

      3. Game content hints; I know this will sound like another noob crying that there's nothing to do other than gather, fight, and craft, but there is literally no explanation about anything beyond that. I get it, sandbox, figure it out... but there is so much to this game that players will not know without someone else that has figured it out, telling them. Knowing how many trolls and assholes are in the internet gaming community, you can imagine how many people leave the game before even having a chance to explore the plethora of options available.

      Here's another side thought I guess...

      4. Gathering locks/individual nodes; there are loot locks for things killed if you do a majority of the damage, why not for gathering? As a crafter/gatherer myself, its stupid annoying seeing someone with a higher level take everything I'm currently gathering from under my node.(pun intended) Sure, competitive community, git gud... whatever. So many games have individual loot tables now. I know its just one giant server, but is individual gathering at least, something that will break the game? Maybe for like t4 and below so newer players at least have a chance?


      I think adding decay rates to food, requiring them to be fed on a regular cycle rather than a "storage" decay, would also increase the number of "active" economy players. I know everyone cant be on every day in a typical lifestyle, but with the harsh pvp economy and combat system that this game has can be applied more to a personal level as well, adding more personal interaction to players that mostly stay to themselves in a merchant play-style.

      I don't know, maybe my suggestions have all been tried before and that's why things are the way they are. I have just noticed things in towns/islands are bland and things outside of towns are chaotic.

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    • After coming back from a 5 month break AO is still has not regained its former hook. I will keep eyes on AO but won't bother with premium.
      1) Party Finder: Needs to be collapsible when looking for party. Having it stick off the side of the screen is distracting and unnecessary. This tool is still not usable due to this. This is a more minor detail but a good example of things being installed and then forgotten about (never refined or made better). Other examples could be proffered.
      2) Royals Map: Way too small still. Having all zones in game packed is not always desirable. Being able to 'get away' a bit has value in an online world like this. Especially without better optimization of mounts, spell effects, name tags, etc.
      3) Content: Not much content out in the open world. Dungeons are all the same. Mobs are all the same. The open world is so very small, cramped, and unpleasantly over crowded. No hidden easter eggs. No caves behind bushes. No nothing. No barrels to break in abandoned homes. No abandoned farmsteads with good mats growing where the gardens used to be. The only reason to go out is to grind. The open world needs attention to detail. Badly.
    • I don't know if anyone had already typed it down or not. Imo in order to increase item drops why SBI don't add another black market into BZ cities where buy order is increased liked x 1.5 ratio this way people may wanna carry more items in BZ'S after all higher risk should always bring more profit right? this way BZ cities can be more useful especially those nests right now they're pretty much useless if you don't have any hideouts close by.

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    • The group of Territories in the same Time Zone allocated in the server on his respectively place physically in world

      Territories with Time Zone A allocated in server in Nouth America
      Territories with Time Zone B allocated in server in Sorth America
      Territories with Time Zone C allocated in server in Europe
      Territories with Time Zone D allocated in server in Asia
      1. Better mouse control scheme (both current mouse schemes are insufficient for me; details of the problem described here) or more customizable one.
      2. Better usage of RAM in order to make game run smoother (so it doesn't have to access disk in time-critical situations so much). Having the game preload all important resources (especially pvp relevant ones - ideally also gradual loading of nearby zones) into memory, so that my computer doesn't freeze each time I see new abilities or move to next cluster because my disk has to finish loading some file.
      3. More responsive and more user-friendly marketplace dialog boxes. This includes additional warnings when player is about to make highly unprofitable deals such as buying an item at significantly higher cost than is necessary, or when about to salvage highly valuable equipment (both likely by mistake).
    • I would at a massage and more option to the situation when u are in open for everyone hideout and someone change permissions. Becouse not u just get kick in secend outside in to a grupe of pk waiting for u.

      Today i have been kick from hideout in dituation when i was changing set and i land in grupe of pk with just armos shoots and weapon. No horse no cape no possibility to enter back. I'm happy that transport i had sty in chest over 10 m. And not i have to wait 30 days to get it back...
    • 1.I know supports should be able to make a huge effect onto a battle. But there has been multiple times where my whole team is fighting two supports at a pillar in arena and they manage to live long enough for the rest of their team to them. There are builds that make them basically immortal.

      2.Trying to play solo or just with a small group gets aggravating late game. I was in BZ for a few hours just looking for a 1v1 battle but everytime i find someone, whether gathering or not they have 10 people that magically appear as soon as i engage. And most the endgame material requires large groups with require dedication and things a solo player might not want to commit just because of their playstyle.

      3. There are a few builds that you won't ever see being played. there are so many weapons but there are only a few mentioned when spoken in the midst of pvp. it would be so much more engaging if i wasnt only seeing people use the exact same abilities time and time again because they have complete control over the meta.
    • Ok HUGE quality of life thing this game needs is Tomes and Bags of silver that are bound to your character need a consume all option. Would be nice not to click 100 times to consume all my silver bags after a nice dungeon run. Dont wanna consume it while were running slowing us down putting us in more danger then get to town and click on em that much is a bit lame.
    • Heres my two cents after a couple weeks of gaming.
      1. early game (t3-5)solo dungeons and group dungeons are a major waste of time. Group dungeons tend to force people into specific rolls leaving others out and the green dungeon mechanic is terrible. You ride around and go into 4 green dungeons before you find one that you can run. That's a half hour of riding around looking for a dungeon that you might get 50k fame for. The time per Fame in royal zones aren't worth it. If your a bow player like me, no one will want you to run warbow in a group dungeon. so if you want to level that up you have to run solo's/

      2. Now that you have wasted far to long sitting in your gaming chair not really accomplishing much you realize I need to step up the fame farm. you join a good guild with a good alliance, you travel into bz and you go to their hideout. your spending silver on new gear but your spec is still pretty low. you get attacked by 4-6 people who are able to knock you off your mount and stun/silence you, slow you and then your dead. You got NO chance especially when they are higher spec. THIS makes me think of two things, As a new player this game is absolute cancer when it comes to trying to catch up. There needs to be more forms of gaining fame because people who have been around just punk on new players and new players don't have much of a chance. Your guild will probably run some group things but as a new player you will struggle to hit any of those requirements.. so your forced back to the royal zones to farm which will literally take forever. Not worth it in my opinion.

      3. You manage to find yourself a dungeon in the BZ but as an early warbow player it will take you forever to clear these dungeons especially a T-8. At the rate your going you may as well be running a greataxe, fame cap and use fame credits to level up your bow. Once again forcing people down certain paths. The amount time in this game I feel stagnant and not achieving much is much more than the times I feel like I am getting a good grind in. The game is actually pretty terrible with a group finding system no one really uses. you spend hours in the /lfg trying to get a group together for the Randoms to run one dungeon and quit(in royals). Honestly as a new player (Other than an AVA dungeon) I am yet to run a fame farm group with my guild or alliance. Mostly because of my IP so what's a new guy to do? I typically ask daily if anyone wants to run something and most don't reply. I guess most people run greens so that's what I attempt to do. I got on this morning and within 10 minutes before I hit my first green dungeon I was met with a pretty solid gank group. Its part of the game and not that big of a deal to me but I do wish I could at least fight back somewhat. This won't keep me from playing the game because I want to get better and I want to pvp. You need to have a goal in mind with games like this... its the amount of time trying to reach that goal in a stagnant state that has me concerned.
    • 1. Remove monopoly of farming plots (houses) or make restrictions.
      For example to decrease tax on use if owner the same and own same building more than 3 times) (they did)

      2. "Appearance". Return old white t8 judicator set and improve appearence horn/trumpet to use it on mounts.

      3. Make green dung only for 1 player (cuz it's green and solo dungeon why there are 2 or 5 people?) in all zones lol cuz as i know in 2017-8 there weren't any solo green dungeons at all.
      I read forums and many new players and not new one asked many times why they got ganked with 5+ players in 1 green small solo dung... that should be solo...

      Green solo dungeon > 1 entered and it dissapeared. (not like hellgates 1x1 that will come with new patch (not sure)).

      It will be more fun to clear solo dungeon in t8 location cuz i'm solo player and once was there (played like 3+ months) why only 1? cuz even in t7 group of people dived in solo player every time every time......
      later will be hellgates 1x1 so it will be cool to make green solo dungeon just for solo player.

      It's open world so players who just want to clear solo dungeons WILL clear solo dungeon that is only for 1 solo player. <<
      >> for gankers just wait near gates that they always do or gank in blue dung other parties (cuz they are 5-10 people anyway > so why not to fight with other group ha?
      :D not with 10x1 :D

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