Pinned Three Things You'd Like Changed in Albion Online

    • ManaJunkie wrote:

      Well, I think we look at this from different angles. Im just afraid it will end up being another trammel thats all. People refusing to leave safzones because they used so much time and resources getting geared up.

      You think they'll not want to show of and use their shiny armor? :P Btw, Tiers of gear are only about 20% stronger between the tiers so its not like a T5 guy is going to pummel newbies, he'd be overwhelmed by basic T2's easily.
    • ManaJunkie wrote:

      Well, I think we look at this from different angles. Im just afraid it will end up being another trammel thats all. People refusing to leave safzones because they used so much time and resources getting geared up.

      Man your argument rly fail.. What does this have to do with anything we said? NOTHING!
      (maybe read forum first?:))

      In safe zones u can gather resources up to T3. So u cant "gear up" there. Also we talk about additional armors/weapons which can be only looted from mobs with EXTREMALY RARE CHANCE! Monsters which can drop those items should be only in NON-SAFE-ZONES

      Twice wrote:

      It would be great a kind of random dungeon events. Eg you are walking and suddenly appears a global chat message saying that some heretics are causing troubles. They will loot better materials than they usually do encouraging people to play together or maybe special materials for hi tier weapons

      Better idea: When you cleaned up whole dungeon there is 1% chance to spawn a special mob (semi boss) when you kill him there is some silver and 1-5% chance to drop faction armor/weapon. Also when he spawn there can be info in nearast maps.
    • 1. More detailed materials, to make crafting more complicated and annoying for regular player. This materials what is now + some more detailed work materials like nails, metal rings for armor etc. So crafting will be part of hard life for people dedicated to it, not only break from PvP. :P

      2. Player made Inn's and rest system. I notice that is some boosting table where character "eat for temporary boost", this could be awsome to have player made Inn's where players can do the same for some fee to owner.

      3. To be more awsome if will show up some food supply need for boost, like making bread and ale from grain collected on real estate field outside town. Sousage made from herded pigs, or low tier skin from cows (also herded) if someone dont want hunt rabbits all the time. Just more agriculture like medieval style. :P
    • well, not played the game but...

      - no repair of items (buildings for sure), if it's broken, craft new stuff... (not implemented as i know, but someone things about it...), keep the production/market alive
      - incredible cost for bigger guilds/alliancces and restricted number of possible allied "friends"... against "freedom of sandboxing" for sure, but i wanna see a lot of small guilds/alliances who fight for ressources and power instead of a 2-5 "power blocks" who control the game... hopefully, the 5vs5 (or 6vs6, i don't remember atm) gvg mechanics make it possible for small "rebels/bandits/elitepvp" guilds to fight against "powerblock reign"...
      - atm nothing more... have to play the game to cry more... (edit) oh hell, i forgot. pls anti logoffski timer (if not implemented) ... a timer (60 sec should be enough) who don't let despwan characters (called logofftimer), if players close/shutdown client or connection in "hot" situations to "save" their characters/equipment when it's in danger and nearly to die. even good bot protection (cause their better gankable)
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    • Not trying to antagonize anyone here, but please try to consider 3 things before you post.
      1) Please, please, please listen to what Sandbox has said in the past and in so doing don't suggest something that is contrary to the games implementation without at least putting some reasoning behind it. I hate to do it, but the example I saw is a major topic on the this particular form at least here at this stage of discussion, mob-drops. One the cornerstones of the game is that everything, all Weapons, Armor, and other items can be made by the player. That is one of Sandbox's selling points and as such this is running contrary to the current spirit of the game.

      2) If possible, when you suggest something, try to keep two things in mind, one the spirit of the game and two the mechanic you are changing. Also please try not ot just suggest arbitrary changes to things like make this things more expensive because more/bigger things = should more expensive.

      3) This one is just my request as a future game designer, please elaborate your points. It is all well and good to state thing "A" or "B" would be great in the game, but if you don't elaborate the point, then either it will likely be dismissed out of hand or, you run the risk of it being implemented but in a fashion you will not like.

      Some things I noticed and was interested by in the last page or two that looked interesting.
      * * * My answer will have a "Reasoning" portion to them which is me trying to support the change and not the change itself and as such is additional information that a reader may not be interested in * * *

      1) Low Durability items mechanic and trashed items.
      • Low Durability - This can be fixed easily by adding a %Chance for the item in question to break. If the item breaks, the player using will lose the usefulness of the item. This break would be in conjunction with a visual and audio queue. The audio one might be "clinckt" sound while the visual could be something as simple as piece in question with the "Red Circle: No Symbol"

      • Trashed Items - This is probably a placeholder for a later mechanic but a potential replacement would be the item becomes "Broken" (or whatever term you want for it) and must be re-forged in order to be useful again. That is it I would think, maybe if it is re-forged with no materials, it drops one tier or if the player uses one metal material (or whatever) it can be re-forged at the same tier level.
        • In the same vein, I would think this is currently implemented or at least will be in a future update, a player being able to access another player's items via a trade/(work contract) window or something. A T8 Crafter re-forges a T7 sword for another T7 Combat oriented guy that got the sword off the corpse of his/her opponent.

      2) Unique weapons/ArmorAs much as I would love the idea for this, the spirit of the game surrounds players having access to the same thing all other players have and then having them compete against each other.
      • Fitted Weapons/Armor - A player may spend time crafting, or through a trade window with an appropriate tier crafter, a specific completed piece for the purposes of fitting it to him/her-self. This will given perhaps X% bonus to ability cooldowns on the piece in question (or something like that).
        • Fitted Weapons/Armor/Clothing/etc. makes you all the better at whatever you trying to do in some way. It will take longer to equip, say 5 seconds because hey, it perfectly formed to you current weight, height, etc. it take a touch more time getting on than a 3XL shit onto a 5 year beanpole of a kid. To be more interesting, it could even take 30 seconds to 1 minute to equip as well. This would also lead over to the idea that if you are killed, the person looting your body would get faced with a pop-up, "This is fitted "X", do you wish to spend (insert time) looting it?" This will more than likely be met with a resounding Forget that noise reply and the person moves on.

      3) Looted (Unique) items/weapons/etc.
      I have to admit, I almost face palmed when I saw this idea, in a good way. Who doesn't want to be the one person on the map with the super-uber-rare-and-totesForRealsees-hard-get, "Bat'leth of Frakin Noob Pwnzing?" Still though, this would again violate the core concept of everyone can craft what everyone else has. Possible solution:
      • Lootable Fitting/Trophies/etc. - Mobs will have the %Chance of dropping "things" that a player will more than likely start discarding after a while, teeth, ears, claws, etc. Initially they might be fun as necklaces bracelets and the like can be made with them. There will also be a quality to them as well indicating rarity. For example, if cooking comes in down the line then the standard trashy white ears or livers or what have you will more than likely be used for cooking or some weird mats for something else. Higher quality ones however might be used for boosts or fittings. Using WoW standards here, (pfft hated that game):
      • Green and Blue Drops - These might be taken to a crafter to make character boosts like bracelets and necklaces or pieces for headbands, etc. This boosts can be worn by, and I would hope apply a visual change, to the player which would then increase proficiency at hunt/tracking/looting a particular <insert "thing" here>.
      • Purple and Orange Drops - These could be used to create unique items that when applied to items or a player cause altering affects, though for this current iteration of the game, it would have to be cosmetic or only apply stats toward mobs and the like. An example might be that if your hunting bear's:
        • Purple drops might apply something like bear claws to the guard of the sword, and/or add a sheath made of bear skin. The sword is then given the name Bear Bane, or when equipped to the player allow for the title, "<insert character name> the Bear Warrior" Perhaps if the players has multiple bear themed items, the character title could appear.
        • Orange drops would be for specific creatures in the world, perfect examples being dungeons or perhaps depending on how big the world is, if someone is fights bears all the time, they might find one bear that has three times the HP as all the rest and bigger and fast as well. This bear is maybe one out of 10,000 and will not re-spawn where other bears do. Upon its death, it drop the orange item, to be awesome, its the heart. Once clicked on or whatever it unlocks stuff, which and be more or less, but it gives the player a title like, "<insert character name here> the killer of Agrash the Mauler" or whatever (I suck with titles, so sue me). Point is it is a once in a lifetime (game lifetime that is) drop that will not be given to anyone else ever and it is completely cosmetic, no physical change to the capabilities of the player character at all.
          • Added awesomeness is based on damage and the like, if somehow the heart is taken or something happens (a lurker ambushed and kills our weakened hero during or after epic battle) and someone else is able to claim the title that is not their doing, this wronged person will have a quest chain to reclaim honor and rightful ownership of this title and a personal vendetta may be claimed at anytime forever until it is righted. This means that only these two people are involved and only these two individuals may kill each other anywhere or anytime in any zone. This would make for some interesting RPing too. Also, these special Orange mobs would track incoming groups of people, i.e. guild mates and the like so that there is a very few number of people around when the engagement occurs. It would be very hard to track and ultimately kill these Beasts which is where the previously dropped items being fashioned into the needed gear would to augment capabilities would come in. also, if they have this gear they might be able to get hints from NPCs in town and the like.
      So anyway, that is it for now, I have my own ideas but since I haven't played the game yet I don't want to pop them out just yet.
      Farewell and Good Fortunes Traveler,

    • autoequip for gatherin and auto deplete nodes, showing ressources on "living" nodes.

      1.Make all Tiers of all materials usefull for advanced Players so there is a demand for everything. Currenty almost no building needs T2 materials for repairing.

      2. Skill Cap

      3. possibility to put stuff on the ground for others to pick up or hide excess loot somewhere to come back later and hope noone found it.Can have a decay timer of course.

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    • When you first join a guild, run to their plot of land and start working you come to find you have no where to store anything. On top of that there is a limit to the number of chests that are able to be placed in a guild house. Would it be reasonable to change that system a bit and make a guild chest in the middle of the guild house that could serve the following functions:

      1. Central guild storage, this storage could be part of the permissions system of the guild and allow certain ranks etc to deposit or retrieve items out of the chest. And also allow only certain ranks to deposit only.
      2. On top of the guild storage there is a certain amount of storage that is dedicated to each guild member.

      Of course these storage limits should go up based on the tier of the Guild house. This would also add an incentive to increase the tier of the Guild house. I just think eliminating the need for chests to line the wall of a guild house would be nice and then it would allow you to actually put in other furniture instead of using all the furniture slots for x number of chests. Then being late to the party doesn't mean you don't get a place to store stuff in the guild plots.
    • 1. 2H weapons beyond Halberd, I want a big *** axe or sword please :)

      2. I would like a revamped chat system. No global chat, if you want to talk to someone they have to actually be in audible range, except for guild chat of course since that is important. Mortal online had a system like this and I was so immersed because of it.

      3. Guild markets or auction houses.
    • 1. Ability to assign hotkeys to equipment

      2. Ability to pay for anything with EITHER silver OR gold

      3. More options for improving character carry weight/capacity
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    • 1) Less reliance on gear. Consider adding attributes (Str, Dex, Con, Int) and some new skills like Tracking that are not tied to your gear. 'Full Looting' with gear being "God" is never a good idea.

      2) Larger territories with much larger uninhabited areas and plots for individual houses, at out-of-the-way points. This would help solo viability and smaller and/or less experienced guilds.

      3) Islands, oceans and lakes + water travel via player-owned/built boats, ships.