Looking for a guild doing pvp and dungeon exploration.

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  • Looking for a guild doing pvp and dungeon exploration.


    My in game name is Madmar. I've played for the last 3 alphas and have successfully ran a newbie friendly guild in the first alpha, crafted my heart out in the second and started getting into pvp for the third alpha all while being a big time gatherer in all alpha's so far. This alpha I'm going full adventuring and pvp.

    I will be going heals for the Beta. Went tank the first alpha, melee dps the second, magic dps the third.

    I have a working mic.

    Gaming History:
    Legends of kesmai,
    Asherons call,
    Counterstrike 1.6 -> Source (didn't do Global offense)
    World of Warcraft Vanilla -> MOP ,
    World of Tanks,
    World of Warplanes,
    7 days to die,
    and many others....

    What I'm looking for.
    I'm looking for a casual but competitive guild to join ranks with. I don't consider myself a hardcore gamer any more since I now have a full time job, a wife and two kids ages 2 and 3. But when i play i like to get busy and play., not dance around and decide what to do. I am rolling a holy healer this time around so i can both solo and be viable in a group (prefer to group first). Last alpha the most common thing I heard when trying to get a group going was 'who's the healer.' So this round it will no longer be a question without an answer. My goals for this alpha are to invade and explore every dungeon i can get into, be pvp viable and experience territory wars,and hell gates.

    What can i bring to a guild. A laid back personality who is up to go do anything as long as we are doing something. I like to be competitive and achieve things when I am not dealing with my life outside of the game. All silver that I accumulate that is not spent on gear will be donated to the guild. (believe I should be able to acquire a fair amount this beta).
  • Hey Madmar, check out our guild here. Dullahan is a smaller guild with great aspirations. Our core players have been in the last two alphas and we are really looking to focus on territories and PvP in general for the beta. If you have any questions at all or would just like to know more do not hesitate to contact me.

    What? You ate a whole wheel of cheese, and pooped in the refrigerator? I'm not even mad, kind of impressed actually.