Closed Beta Giveaway - Write your plea

  • Closed Beta Giveaway - Write your plea

    Back when the Age of Conan beta was about to hit, they made a giveaway which drew an ungodly number of players to the forums. What they did was ask the players to write a plea to the gods, (respecting Age of Conan lore) in which they'd give compelling reason for them to receive a beta key. That thread grew to hundreds of pages very fast. Some of the submissions were fantastic: prose, verse, you name it. The best thing about it was that it gave you something to do while waiting for the beta, a good reason to check the forum every day just to read the newest posts... and some of them were really great; seeing that many people come together really hyped me for the game.

    Since everyone is kinda bored and just trolling each other's threads, why not make a competition like this. Give CBT access to a friend if the winner already has it for example, take top x submissions; it was a while back and I don't remember that well, but I don't think they even made the winners public, they just sent the keys. Should be easy, fun and get some fresh people interested in the game/ on the forum, could last a couple of weeks - there's plenty of time till the beta hits.
  • These already happen every now and then, both official and unofficial ones. Wiki competition, facebook giveaways, dworf's trailer competition, etc. just to name a few.

    But I assume a few extra official competitions could be beneficial, such as artworks, musical stuff, irl pictures of you riding a dire bear and that sort of stuff.

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