Bounty Hunt for Money

    • Bounty Hunt for Money


      Lets try and start implementing the game mechanics we want in Albion ourselves instead of waiting for them to be added.

      Welcome to Albions first unofficial Bounty system

      You set a chosen bounty of X amount of silver on a select character. You provide some information about the character such as their name, gear, general locations often found or last known location (a screenshot of the characters stats and/or inspect info is helpful as well) and players reading this thread begin the hunt. Bounty Form will be posted below.

      1. Upon completion of contract a player MUST SCREENSHOT the kill in their stats menu. (Click your characters Icon, select stats, open kills menu.) and link the image here as a quoted reply to the poster who provided the contract.
      Feel free to add screenshots of what gear you looted, just for the lulz

      2. You may not remain anonymous. You must provide your in game name.
      Note: Please don't post a form pretending to be another player to create a fake contract. We've already thought of that, sure it's funny haha. Ok we laughed about how clever you are now let's move on and make this work.

      3. Upon completion of a contract the bounty poster must pay the bounty hunter the correct sum of silver. Although this may be a little tricky to do without exploitation,take a screenshot of the trade for maximum insurance.

      4. If a player does not pay the owed sum they will be added to a general Kill on Site list for 1 week or until the sum is paid where players on this thread will see and you will become known as a welcher and a target.
      Remember, the streets of Albion speak and people do get reputations in this game.

      5. Placing a contract on a character does not include alts. It is specifically for the 1 character with that name

      6. You may not set a "repeat" contract in which a contractor will pay X silver for each time a player is killed. ONLY AFTER a bounty has been claimed can a contractor create a new contract for the same target. Can be done unlimited times.

      7. For multiple contracts post them in a single post however you must still use the Bounty form for each individual added to the Bounty list. Make sure to space each form clearly so they do not appear to run together

      8. You cannot post a bounty on an entire guild. This is for individual characters only.

      9. You may not place a bounty on a territory. This is for individual characters only.
      Sidenote: You can hire a Mercenary guild like Tetra-Phi to perform aggressive territory ownership transferals. If the price is right.

      10. As a bounty contractor. You may only pay the reward AFTER the bounty hunter has replied to your post on THIS forum thread and provided the required screenshots. This is to protect you from multiple players killing the same bounty and all making claims on the reward. (See FAQ below)

      11. As a bounty contractor, upon completion of a contract you must find your original post and edit it to CLEARLY say "COMPLETED". You may also remove the entire post in order to

      12. Bounties MUST BE PAID IN SILVER ONLY. No gold, no cash transactions, no in game items, no sexual favors. Just silver. (sorry, gotta keep it clean)

      13. The submitted screenshot of the bounty kill must be worth a minimum of 4,000 kill fame. This is to avoid players safely storing gear and having a friend kill them to collect the bounty. The kill fame should be around the value of the gear submitted in the bounty form.
      Note: 4,000 is still low so we expect to see some higher kill fame on your screenshot. If this begins being exploited we will raise the minimum kill fame required in order to collect your reward as a bounty hunter or even bar you from collecting bounties if suspected of exploiting the system.

      14. A Contractor has 7 days upon proof of contract completion to pay the sum of the reward owed. So make sure to check this thread often.

      15. Keep forum arguments/opinions to a minimum(none at all would be best). Leaving positive feedback or ideas or general chatter is fine but if you disagree with someone, let it slide. We don't want bounty hunters scrolling through pages of people arguing in order to find their contracts. Be mature or you might ruin this system. Thank you.

      Very simple system and hopefully we can keep it simple while using a forum thread.

      Note: If this honor system does not run smoothly we will have to either abandon this system or have a 3rd party "silver holder" intervene before contracts can be posted.
      I have the utmost faith in all of you to properly conduct yourselves in the most professional of manners.... while killing pixels in a video game lol

      Q: In the case of multiple contracts of a single character.
      A: In the case of multiple contracts on a single character it will be entirely up to the bounty hunter to find and organize how many contracts, posted by who and for how much silver. There may arise a situation Where a bounty hunter kills his bounty without knowing of how many people posted independent bounties. This is 100% the Bounty hunters responsibility.

      Q: What if a group kill a bounty and all try to claim the reward?
      A: A group may kill a bounty (we encourage it) however the character with the actual kill on his character stats menu is the one who gets the reward and it is up to his/her discretion whether they share it or not.

      Q: What if multiple Characters kill the same target (can prove on stats page) and all try to collect on the Bounty?
      A: The bounty will be awarded to the FIRST player who posts his screenshot to the bounty contractor's post (don't forget to click the quote button of the original post). Messaging them in game and collecting the bounty before posting your screenshots here may result in other players also laying claim on the bounty and can put the contractor in a bad situation.

      Q: Will RudeHouse be organizing this bounty system?
      A: At this time we trust that you, the community will be organized and mature enough to have this system run smoothly. In the future if needed/requested RudeHouse may step in as a 3rd party "reward holder" to Guarantee bounty hunters are receiving their rewards although we believe it won't come to that. We will only become involved if players are creating fake bounties or bounty contractors are often not paying the bounty rewards. In which case a new thread will be made and this one will be removed, despite how many active contracts may be ongoing.

      Q: Why is RudeHouse so awesome and are they recruiting?
      A: Because we are not just a guild but a Family as well, and yes we are. Click the link HERE to apply. (sorry, had to throw in some shameless self promo)

      Q: What if Albion adds a bounty system of their own?
      A: Then this thread will no longer be needed and we will have another in game mechanic to love.

      Q: Where is the Bounty form?
      A: Just keep scrolling down, it's literally the next thing you'll see.

      Q: What if I see a bounty of myself on here?
      A: Get ready to be a target. Feel free to post screenshots of yourself defeating the bounty hunters if you defeat them when they attack.