Introducing i guess

    • Introducing i guess


      Hello, fellow Albion players!

      I am new here. Played probably, like 4 to 5 hours, no more :) . Rarely finding this kind of a free MMORPG games this days with a lot players! Kinda sucks, because i am in europe and there is no server there, so i kinda need to play with 100ms ping :( . Either way this game is fun and there is a lot to do. I like the little details like the weight in your invetory (more makes you slower) make sense :D . I had a little situation with both servers, i thought if i make a character in east I could use it in west too (the west wasnt available at the time due to technical problem I guess), so unlucky i guess (not like i had too much progress, but still..). Anyway, I will create new and just progress as it is, it is what it is. Still this game is fun! There are a lot to add in this game its not perfect but other than that and the servers, this game is lit! So keep it together and peace I guess :thumbsup: <3 .

      Yours, the man with no dignity!
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      Madma wrote:

      Hello and welcome! :) Please keep in mind that both servers are maintained once a day (the west one at 10 UTC), this could be why the west was not accessible when you first tried the game.
      I see, thanks to explain! :D It could be really usefull if I found that at the start, but ye thats me jumping straight in the game without any information. :thumbup: <3

      Yours, the man with no dignity!