Gold Market Purchase Fee Adjustments

    • Remove the ability to buy gold with in game silver to eliminate buying gold with for speculation this way altogether.

      Players who buy it with RL cash can list it and sell it via the premium with silver option (gold sink)

      Change vanities for gold to the same system (ie pay with silver and remove gold from sell orders)
      T8 Fibre, Ore, Hide, Wood & Stone Gatherer
      T8 Gathering Gear Crafter
      T8 Bags & Capes Crafter
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      Bradinsky (a Youtuber) commented on an idea he read on Reddit.

      It suggested that as a means of getting money out of the game (without harming new players) it would be that things like skins could be bought with in-game money. For example, customizations of private islands, skins for workers, customizations of shops on the islands, whether guild or private.

      Customizations for Guild islands.These types of changes, he said, would take money out of the game without affecting new players.

      It is understood that they want to get money out of Albion's economy, but many changes they have made hurt new players and make veteran players accumulate more money. And that will discourage new players from staying. I understand that they are trying to balance the economy, but if they just ruin the gaming experience with these changes, players will just leave.

      The idea discussed by Bradinsky seems useful, and I propose that you at least consider it.
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      pero porque deben afectar la ganancia habitual de plata d loa jugadores que dieron horas, meses y años para tener buena economía. La subida del premium es responsabilidad de los desarrolladores no de los jugadores xd. Pero igualmente que bueno saber que reconocen los errores, grabde Albion y grande su desarrollo.

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      Focus should be something earned ACTIVELY instead of PASSIVELY to counter ALTS.

      Every activity could give a small amount of focus, increased a lot in lethal content.

      CAP the max focus a non premium can get to 10.000.

      Keep the premium players at 30.000 CAP, and give it 3x more focus.

      Lots of benefits:

      No more alts printing money in the black market and inflating the economy.

      This way crafters are still encouraged to have premium, and non premium can have a chance to craft without losing money. Crafting nowadays is an activity that is exclusive for premium users, even if it doesn't look like.

      Active crafters can actually craft more than before, since they don't have a 10k/day limit on focus.