Some issues and suggestions

    • Some issues and suggestions

      I use a Xbox one controller..
      Only issues I can think of at the moment is targeting for a example I know there's an option where it makes enemy players priority over mobs when they get close but it seems like it's buggy at times along with some of the other options that are available and does not make the player priority and at times in a middle of a fight or chasing the player some times the mobs get targeted even if you manually select the target to lock on and it can throw me off a bit and it creates a lot of rooms for error and i end up dieing or having to reset a lot because of it. At one point I could lock on to player off screen to inspect their gears to decide if I want to engage or not but it doesn't seem to be the case any more and have to get close to check them out and can be a costly mistake when they have catch gear on and menu and Artifact foundry using transmute menu can be buggy with scrolling at time it keep resetting to the top of the list and forces me to turn off controller support to scroll down and the arrow display bugs out as well at times and Im not sure if it my controller or the game I haven't try a different controller to see if it was the issue but there's times when I'm on a mount moving forward it can get buggy at times causing the amount to jerk back and slowing me down but like I said I think it might be my controller and instead of the game there are other issues I just can't think ...
      Leaving zone the button that lets you push to leave zone or enter the roads sometimes bugs as well and forces me to use the cursor which is not a problem but when getting Chase that one or two seconds matter and can result into defeat and I don't know if players have some kind of cheat that they are using or it is the controller support but on a rare occasion even fully charged controller will disconnect when coming in contact with players but it rarely ever happens.....Looting is hard sometimes in red zones killing red players you're forced to use the cursor to click on body versus blue people that uses mouse or touch have an advantage on looting before you because you can't just simply hit the action button to open the bodies loot.....What would really be awesome if we could use the combine key and set it up where you can switch to a set chosen skill list on weapon and gear for quick skill swap because in middle of being chased it hard to do this really quickly doing it manually and I also notices that targeting is all ways aiming at target that farthest away instead of the ones that is closest to you even if your facing the closet target at times and also maybe when manually aiming a skill after it used should be an option in settings once released the cursor turns off automatically because certain skills like ray of light is really not good for Auto and in between the process I have to hit a different button to cancel the cursive which really is not a big problem but when in the fast Pace fight it's easier to make mistakes and aiming by accident at nothing instead of the target ... The arrow key that shows up in menus will show off the menu pointing at nothing some times