There should be more severe punishment for attacking players (Royal continent)

    • Small-scale/Solo PvP
    • Unangwata wrote:

      I already said, prices can't drop below certain point, because then you get more silver by scrapping them.
      Oh yes. Let's devalue everything to the point we are scrapping mats for silver. And lets devalue every item to the point where we are scrapping that as well.

      We will end up at a point where everything will be just a scrap piece and every drop will have a fixed silver value. What an interesting economy design you are advocating for.

      Unangwata wrote:

      I wrote "-without crafters/gatherers PVPers have no targets. So it means all those players that play for free have nothing to do and can't get rich." , you took second part out of context and accused me of lying and other things.
      Still buthurt about that comment? Yes, pvp players have plenty of things to do. Most pvp players lose silver while playing pvp and they make silver by crafting/gathering/pve. Only about the top 10% make enough silver trough pvp that they don't need to do any other silver making method. So your "poor pvp targets" are just as much pvp players as they are gatherers/crafters/etc. So it is a blatant lie. Most players play both sides of the game.

      And this is right now after all the pvp nerfs. Now you want more nerfs to pvp. When the new players won't be able to pvp without losing tons of silver, they will leave the game because it is boring.
    • Unangwata wrote:

      ziigii wrote:

      Unangwata wrote:

      Are you saying you are paying to get killed ?
      I think you are talking about non paying players who live by the sword and die by the sword. Those who actually pay don't like to be killed, why would they ?
      Nah.Read the whole comment with understanding so you won't need to ask stupid questions.
      You read it.Everyone says it's PVP focused game, while it's not. It's gathering/crafting focused game. For simple reason:

      -For gathering crafting you need premium. For PVP you need not. So you supply income to game developers.
      -economy in Albion is entirely player made, so without crafting/gathering there is no economy, and you have no items to use.
      -without crafters/gatherers PVPers have no targets. So it means all those players that play for free have nothing to do and can't get rich.

      Simply, without crafters/gatherers there is no game. PVPers are just for free ride, taking advantage of all that.
      Hear me out.

      The only reason some people can afford to play the gathering/crafting game is due to other people playing the pvp game (cleaning the economy).

      If there were less gankers / less trash rate / no full loot pvp / whatever else you suggest so a casual player that can't mount up if he sees a red name can safely gather in RZs/BZs without any fear there would be more inflation and you'd be the first to cry about new tiers and enchantments of items being added to the game because you're not as good as the top dogs (it's either combat inflation with pvp trash rate or do it like other MMOs do - create new content which makes old one obsolete).

      Oh, and loot would also have to be nerfed because why give stuff to players if they don't lose it.