[30. May 2023] Beyond the Veil Patch 9

    • iRawn wrote:

      The mob one i 100% agree with though, as it allows ppl to by-pass mob designs.
      If you talking about remount which reset the mob, as already stated earlier in the post, I also do 100% agree with the intent of the change.

      I have however 100% doubts about the results of the change, as there are tricks with morgana cage and no nerf to weapon already able to achieve doing big mobs as solo (ex: 1h dagger)
      IMHO, the change as it is not enough and will only promote some weapon in detriment of others, therefore killing the variety of weapon used by solo players/gatherers instead of reaching the intended goal.

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    • After this patch, many players cannot play the game. I am unable to connect to the game for 4 days now and it's getting worse. At first, it was just reconnecting issue when I change map or enter a dungeon etc. but now I can't do anything even if I manage to enter the game somehow. PLEASE FIX IT ALREADY.