account still not verified even though I received verification present and have purchased gold and 60d premium

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    • Having the same issue, I've submitted a ticket, never received a verification present, I do meet all other requirements, and my ticket has been sitting in unread "New" status for 4 days now, I requested verification 6 days ago. Why does the website cite 24 hours, and the in game popup state "within 2 working days" when these are both clearly false and misleading statements.

      I'm a new player, and so far this has not been a great new player experience at all. I'd appreciate even just a basic acknowledgement that my ticket has been received, or that something is happening.
    • Sorry but customer service these days is rat shit.

      Its unacceptable and you'll get mods here trying to justify it but its pure BS. People are paying money to buy your product. Let them spend in game what they've paid for. It s fucking outrageous.. No excuses.
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