Botting and Speed-Hacking Update, May 10

    • Disconnect Issues

      If anyone has the ability to confirm whether this disconnect cheat is a real thing or not, I'd love to hear it. I've already experienced several mysterious disconnects to my game while in dangerous zones. I am *very* lucky I have not died yet because of it. I'll often start to lag very bad out of the blue, then completely disconnect from Albion. I'll be locked out of my account for 1-2 minutes. Basically a sitting duck, waiting to be looted.

      I've heard rumors this is now a thing that happens. "Other players can cause your client to crash so that they can loot you easily." It's making me not want to travel into RZ/BZ anymore. Almost every single session I have in a RZ/BZ, I'll have this mysterious disconnect. However, it never happens in cities or blue zones, and it's only happened a couple of times in YZ.

      I've also seen radar cheat videos that allow players to see targets off-screen. They can inspect players without even seeing them and set up the perfect gank. <X It also shows mist bosses and resources that normal players wouldn't be able to see.

      The radar cheat is 100% real. But I would appreciate any information on the disconnect cheat I keep hearing about, esp. since I seem to be disconnecting a lot in RZ/BZ, and I know that players are *not* compensated for items lost due to disconnects.
    • Disconnect Issues

      Update: Just had another mysterious disconnect, this time it was fatal. I was preparing to fight a player over a chest in Deadvein Gully. As soon as the enemy player attacked my mount, my ping skyrocketed 600+. I got dismounted, attempted to fight him but then got disconnected. Managed to reconnect a moment later, but had 10 second CD's. I tried to run, but kept rubber banding. Then Albion crashed, even my internet disconnected. Logged back in 2 minutes later, dead of course.

      For reference, I have a gaming laptop that can more then handle Albion, and I didn't start having all these disconnections until recently. The fact that this disconnect timed itself *perfectly* when I got attacked is very frustrating. :(
    • bots will still be there & lots of them until the price of the ingredients is 1 silver per piece
      I don't think the developer can do much because the developer doesn't take part in setting prices in the market.
      I want to give a little understanding bots are ordered only to look for materials t2,t3,t4,t5 and sell at the lowest price, if you order buy at a high price, it's the same as you support the growing population of bots... so be smart in buying :thumbsup: