The fiction story about Albion 2027(warning, this is just fiction, it is not implemented in the game,and won't be)

    • The fiction story about Albion 2027(warning, this is just fiction, it is not implemented in the game,and won't be)

      intro animation story:
      -Two young people decide to move away from their families.They buy private island,woman decides to rebuild the farm,grow crops,animals,make food,potions..Young man take t2 gear/weapon,sit on mule
      and ride to attack enemy walls alone.Guards on the walls laughs when saw 1 guy alone coming to attack.In one moment they start to run away.Young man proud,thought that they were afraid of him.
      Hearing the roar of a horse,he turn around and see lots of brave warriors come to support him to make Albion great again!(dramatic music).

      -When you start the game and finish the tutorial.You can choose between 5 kingdoms.Choose wisely(you can change it during the game, and about it later).
      -In this game you can have 2 classes of players.(one class is warriors,second class are villagers aboute that later)
      -After tutorial you will appear in one of crossroads(and there is a possibility to change your kingdom,just travel to jour chosen one)
      -When you enter the chosen city,you take the flag and that is your homeland(you can change the kingdom but with some penalties,aboute that later ).
      If you don't want to belong to any kingdom,then you belong to fremans(hard role play in game)
      -There are four maps around each city,on each of these maps there is a large defensive wall,with 3 gates.It can be destroyed and rebuilt.
      Those maps have no outpost,other maps have.But if the enemy destroys the wall they controled that map while is not rebuild by defenders.
      -When a player takes a flag from NPC in city,he get 2 flags right of name(one flag is the kingdom to which it belongs,the other is whether he is a warrior or not)
      -A large continent called (Outlands) have 5 city outposts and 5 small towns called (Rests)
      -When player take any any combat gear/weapon automatically he is warrior role-get flag on name(cant gather,fish,..),can still combine gear/weapons.But can't use gathering gear in combination.
      cant use transport mounts,non combat.
      -When player dont take any gear/weapon he is villager role,he can use tools,gathering gear.(can use only normal mounts,with only def abbilitys)
      -Every map have same type resources like in normal Albion,but now resources guard buy NPC(static creatures,have respown timer).They need warrior for that(warrior be awarded
      by silvers/fame),villager by gathering resources(aworded by gathering fame and resources)
      -Every map is full loot pvp,only t3 maps not,but warrior cant attack warrior or villager from same kingdom.If warrior attack warior form other kingdom he be awarded with fame/loot.
      If warrior attack villager form other kingdom he dont get fame(or get) but get big - for reputation and can be exile to Small towns(rests) aboute that later.
      -In game t2 gear/weapon/mount are free in citys(kigdom outposts,small towns),but players still need t2 resources to refine high tier(and sell on market)
      -Horse,mule can use both class and some others conected to this 2.
      -Only villager(or fremans) class can sell goods in other kingdoms.Warrior can only sell in his kingdom(loot)
      -Exile players goto small town(rests) take they flag(if they want) .They can access old chests in old town only if they take role of villages and travel back to city.Exile player can attack any
      player (only small town players not).If they kill vilagers get more - to reputation(take loot),if other flags get fame(bz bonuses.loot....).to reduce - of reputation they need to kill npc around maps and then
      to back in continent old kingdom,or to select different.And only can sell goods if they warior role in small town market,villager role in any city markets.So exile players can travel aroun world in villagers
      role only,in warrior role only outlands cant enter any other small towns,kigdom outposts opn bz.
      -When you want to change kingdom is easy but not free(you lose all kingdom standing,bonuses),go in other kingdom in villager role take other flag and that is you new kingdom.
      -Freman is hard and awarded role(lone wolfs),will talk about that later if you like this text....

      -I apologize for the spelling mistakes
    • intro:

      -The young man is coming back from battle, wears a medal on his chest from last battle. Riding mule,
      through the famous land call Cedarcopse, where is the his faction big fortres.On the road two robbers
      attack him, one with the famous deathgivers, second with dual daggers wearing mercenary jacket, assassin
      hood. They knock him to the ground trying to rob him. Behind them from the shadows, mist raise and
      mysterious man come. He have deathgivers too, attack them ,disarmed them and they runaway. Scared young man
      rises from the ground looked at the man. The man had mysterious blue robe(mist robe).The man helped him to
      get up ,he noticed on the man bag(something is sticking out of the bag).Small tail some blue birds.
      The man introduce, my name is professor Pew i come from far away land called Mist(fremans orgin land).
      I'm not a good man i saved you, in return you need to save this little bird. Take to your farm, feed 6 days.On the sixth day
      come to this same place, bring to me 10 beef stew and i give to you 5 faerie fire .And you can craft mount
      Mystic Owl. Take care of this bird and bird then take care of you.

      -Cedarcopse land: Land with big forest ,wild animals and undead wariors . Every 7 days from caves expelled undead attack big fort.
      Which faction holds fort,hold land.Everyone who hunts,cuts the forest pay tax to faction who holds fort.
      -Mystic Owl:mystic owlet of this bird can be bought from mysterious merchant in Mist city called Breceilien(in exchange for
      for favor, earned in battles).No abilities, tier 5 bird, but fast.

      In world of Albion have 6 factions(6 kingdoms)
      -Fort sterling faction
      story: Kingdom founded by mysterious king. He come for far land call Glacierfall Fissure. Riding on
      great Elite winter bear, with forge hammers in hands. He bring in Fort Sterling from high mountains bear cub and elite bear
      cub, and secret recipe how to craft bear mounts. Only with his hearts of falling warriors(only made in Fort Sterling).

      be continued...
    • Intro new dangeon

      Story line:

      -Legend says. The story of three heroes ,Shozens(ticket seller for local arena),Lewpacs(an entertainer
      with a strange cap) and wizard Magdones(or just dress like wizard).According to legend story start
      in Cedarcopse. We talked about that land of lots animals ,big woods ,lots of undead forces ,big faction
      castle. On that land, there are two big dungeons(from where every 7 days ,or one per day at different times
      udead attacking castle)one is in the east, the other is in the west side. Three brave heroes(apparently
      they got bored),"bravely" entered one of the dungeons .The story says that they did not come out for three days
      and three nights .After the third night three men came out of the dungeon, three mules, three big stones
      on mules. The story says that they fight bravely, some say they entertained undead and steal ,or they
      just have agreement with undeads....
      Local people looked on in amazement, even a famous merchant Boguls offered amount silvers for stones.
      All in all a laugh spread all over the country in those days. When they came to the nearest town
      through laughter Boguls gave them market spot. They assembled the three stones into nice looking
      obelisks, they put one table and one chair. One of them climbed onto the chair and said:
      "Dungeons are in caves, the caves are made of stone, bring the stones ,and maybe you will become famous,
      rich ,or none of that".
      The other man call out:
      "Who Dares Wins!"
      They made crafting table for new dungeons maps, they entered the legend.

      -New dungeon maps ,some call "two way dungeons ,two chests-gates....."

      Crafting maps:
      T4 map need: 1k rough stone,1k limestone blocks,1k sandstone blocks,1k travertine blocks
      T5 map need : 1k rough stone,1k limestone blocks,1k sandstone blocks,1k travertine blocks,1k Granite blocks
      to enchantment map:
      T4.1 map need:1k granite blocks,
      T4.2-1k slate blocks
      T4.3-1k basalt blocks
      for T5 same with 1 tier up
      *if the the amount to high to carry, can be reduced but adding extra silvers to pay

      -Dungeons are for group play
      -Every tier have 1 lvl of dungeon, when you go to next lvl,lvl go up for 1 tier.
      example: group use tier 5 map, enter t5 dungeon on end is everything ok go to T6 lvl......
      -Appearance and layout of dungeon is on creative of graphic desingers....
      -At the end of each lvl of dungeon you have boss
      -When team kill boss in that room, you have 2 chests. One on left side other on right side.
      Behind each chest you have 1 door(gate)
      -Chests look same(only if enc map is both chest are enc).
      -Team can open 1 chest (method-when chest start to open other get locked)
      -When team open chest and loot(they can see content of second chest but cant loot)
      -Team need to to choose what chest to open(opening chest aoutomatic open door(gate) behind
      that chest.
      -Entering door(gate) team have 50/50 chance to go to next tier dungeon,or exit to place they enter dangeon.
      -Chests have content 1 is all inside have that tier you play, second have all inside tier below.
      -T6+ lvl are death lvls so mobs can kill you, team can pick up your gears(not all some get broken)
      -Last dungeon if the team succeeds all challenges is t8
      -T8 dungeon defended by Avilionian roads champions(mobs)
      -When team beat final boss T8 they have only 1 chest to open
      -Content of final chest is all inside are T8:

      *Guaranteed 1 day premium,or 3 days,or 7 days
      *Guaranteed 500 gold,or 1000 gold ,or 1500 gold
      *only one player wins(it can be wait to timer go out and other player to take),premium cant be sell,
      gold automatic go to acc.

      Dungeon demands creativity of team, carefully selecting gears ,and lots of luck.

      Who Dares Wins!
    • New


      -The story of an accidental discovery:
      -A famous hero in Albion, his name is Nomads Panchos .Waiting in ambush for ppl to rob them
      ,he discovered something strange .In boredom, because there is no one on that road he look
      on other side of road. He saw the fight of two big Moose, fight two Moose is nothing strange
      in the world of Albion. But a miracle happened that will change the world...
      After the fight Moose who lose fight ,bent tail goes into the nearby bushes and after a while
      he returns to the fight again and wins .Amazed Panchos think :"Surely some wizard is hiding
      behind bush ,let rob him". He goes into the bush armed, but no one is there .He use reveal abbility
      but no one is there .He noticed one grass, half eaten never seen her before.He heard stories that
      there was a great battle once upon a time .The battle of warlocks and that after the great battle
      many strange things appeared on that land .But those are just rumours he thought.
      He noticed a strange weed seed ,he picked it up and took it to his own island. There is nothing to fight today.
      After one day, the grass has grown. He fed his famous horse and the horse gained big strength.
      He hung his weapons on the wall, and started growing grass and makes mixes for animal feed and sell.
      Some ppl called that animal food "paco",but those are just stories....
      -But after that everything changed and mount food born, the rest is history.

      The cooks got new recipes mount foods:

      1 "paco" grass+meat-make buff food
      1 p grass+some crops-make buff food

      -Some combinations give mounts 5% more speed ,some more cooldown speed(mount who have abilitys),some more heath
      -new slot for mount food
      -duration of buff is 30 min
      -good for ganking, good for transport......

      -The way of Albion fight change.....or not