Returning player question - More that 2 years in limbo

    • Returning player question - More that 2 years in limbo


      Hello all,

      I have been thinking for some time now to get back into the waters with Albion, but i felt somethings holding me back, so i wanted to ask you guys.

      Brief history: Last time I was online was around November of 2020, right after landing my current job, time was limited and Albion was the first thing to be abandoned among others. I was at a top pvp guild and alliance holding onto many blackzones territorries and was active in many (too many) zvz battles in my time spend with the guild. I had managed to get a couple t8 gathering tools and a few t8-able equipment pieces. My islands were in a fairly good spot (being able to sustain my crafting needs) and i could make twice as much silver within a month than what was needed for the monthly premium. One fateful day, I logged out and haven't login back since.

      Issues: I have learned after a couple of months from my quitting that the guild lost it's hideout. Some of my most valuable set pieces and gatherables were stored in the hideout chest. And I last logged out inside the Hideout.

      Now the questions are:
      1) Are my staff forever gone? If not, where do i find em?
      2) Me being logged out at the Hideout, what is the effect of me login in now? Where do i spawn in the world?
      3) After almost 2,5 years away, the community has moved quite far in terms of fame ( and i am guessing wealth ), how difficult would it be to be competitive again in the back zones, and are the requirements for joining "end game" guild pvp unreachable?

      Thank you all for taking the time to reply.

      I would also appreciate a few tips and tricks about staff I missed in the last couple of years.