Hunter Hood and Mercenary Jacket Are Imbalanced.

    • merc jacket is... broken?

      only viable in like three melee weapons and other five ranged? not so op but annoying cuz the stupidly good synergy with those weapons and the toxic strategy of healing on entities

      hunter hood... YES. Unlike merc jacket hunter hood is almost a must have in every solo/up to 3-man builds
      Spear Supremacy
    • as far as I can see Helion does the same thing on a shorter cd, healing back to full from MOBs in mysts and other solo content. Merc has a ridiculously long CD and can be purged... stop whinging.

      Hunterhood also has a short duration, and a long CD.... again, stop whinging and LTP.

      What is more concerning is that the Hunterhood animation is swallowed by the stalker jacket animation and that IS a problem.
      50%-1sec SLOW to 'BURNING FIELD' on hit.
    • gmatagmis wrote:

      Prove me wrong.
      I know you recently came back to the game. (I did too, but a few month before you did I believe, Oct 2022 that is) and I was shocked too by all the changes the game went though and a lot of things seemed "OP".

      Hunter Hood and Merc are just as "imbalanced" in 1v1 as Gorvekeeper, Hand of Justice, Realmbreaker are in larger scale fights and in ZvZ (oh noes lets nerf Grove and HoJ to the level of 1h spear and 1h axe right? hehe) - that is they are just pretty much BiS (best in slot) items and what is called "meta" builds for 1v1. In LoL and in DOTA there are also certain items that are BiS on certain heroes in like 80% of situations. But its the 20% that matters where you can make some insane outplays.

      TLDR: Merc Jacket and Hunter Hood are BiS for 1v1 (on a few select weapons), but that's about it. Let's nerf HoJ and Buff 1h Spear so that I can ZvZ with 1h spear on a Tank with the same effectiveness as HoJ right?

      PS. I force myself to not use Merc jacket and Hunter Hood whenever possible. Obviously if its too detrimental to my win ratio - I will stop. But its fun to experiment with builds. There are definitely more expensive and better meta builds then Merc + Hunter, but they are just pretty much the staple for most 1v1 situations (why wouldn't they be?) vs your average "roll face on the keyboard and hope to win" Albion player. They don't work well vs good players.

      PS2. Some people are crying about Mistwalker jacket. We can't have 2 broken armors, its either Merc or Mistwalker. People need to pick one. If everything is OP and broken - nothing is OP and broken. (otherwise you'd be countering Merc with Mistwalker and/or vice-versa)

      PS3. Still <3 gmatagmis