Pinned Testserver Patch Notes - Beyond the Veil Patch 7

    • WTF? 30% Healing reduction to 2v2 and mists?

      Healers have hard enough time with small scale content. Healer + DPS vs Healer + DPS is fine the way it is. I grinded nearly 700/700 for my class to be completely unsuable in 2v2 hg and mist? What is this garbage?

      Play your game SBI. Thanks now I can only solo or play 5s/10s+. F**k this update
    • Make 2 v 2 hellgate 3 v 3 instead. No matter the amount of tweaking and tuning the same builds will always dominate each meta. If you want more people to participate you don't even have to nerf healing. Just add 1 more player so that 3 dps can easily kill 2 dps + 1 healer. By adding one more player I'm sure that hellgates will flourish and we will see many interesting and unique strategies.
    • Greetings!

      I would love to share with you an idea that could change the player experience for mobile players by far in ZvZ or large scale content.

      In some occasions when the player count reaches certain amount you start to see other players as orange player models without knowing if its friend or foe, in ZvZ these can be lethal and almost imposible to follow a Call.

      My idea is simple, to make the ones tagged (crown, shield, skull, etc) a priority in the player count, so you can always see your caller, and in the other side, you can always see the front line of the enemy, or at least have an idea by seeing 1 player tagged.

      When you implement these if you want to tag me in the patch notes I would be more than happy.

      Hope these can be achieved, have a nice day.
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      Catandcoffee wrote:

      Dynamic Defense is another underused ability. To make it more reliable to use, the ability can now be cast on self.
      • Dynamic Defense (Jacket of Tenacity)
      • Can now also be cast on self
      Still useless
      I have a good idea like this ,
      when cast on self will buff 30% max hp and Def 25%

      Cast on enemy , have 3 fire balls fly around enemy ,when enemy get direct damage from you ,the fire balls will explode .

      Cast on self is defence,Cast on enemy is attacking ability.
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      Akhenaden wrote:

      Make Camlann Mace uninterrupted.
      BUT it is already Uninteruptable... just pop n your hat.

      Feyscale Hat is still a very nice item, which can be used to secure a
      singular very important cast or channel. Its buff duration has been
      increased to also make it more attractive to combine with
      constant-casting builds like Fire and Frost Staffs. Additionally the
      buff now also makes the caster immune to Cast Disruption, meaning spells
      like Revitalize are not reduced by damage while this buff is active.

      Hyper Focus (Feyscale Hat)
      • Buff Duration: 5s -> 7s
      • Now also makes immune to Cast Disruption (i.e. channel or cast durations getting affected by damage)
      50%-1sec SLOW to 'BURNING FIELD' on hit.
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      the whole point of making it uninterruptable it to avoid it using an armor slot (in this case a helm slot)
      As tanks need that slot for CC / peel

      Like the use of camnlan is meta BEFORE the introduction of hand of justice and rework to air compress was not in the game yet
      this combine with the multitude of defensive changes have made camnlan a not so ideal weapon in today's albion

      the air compress + 1h mace combo is very reliable cause the E of 1h mace ignores CC during the jump
      also note that this air compress combo has a much faster cooldown rotation with off hand of 1h mace
      This is also considering that Camnlan can be body blocked while 1h mace combo lands where its needed

      with Modern albion's faster game play a faster cast time and Uninteruptable cast for our friend camnlan
      would help it see some play again

      And this is also considering theres another weapon which can do camnlan's mace job as Clump maker
      witchwork staff which has a 20s cooldown
      can be cast where its needed and its instant cast
      The Tank Who Bonks
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      camlan is a clump maker for range weapons over walls and other things where 1h mace has no access, but sbi nerfed E range to a pathetic level which killed the weapon....

      basic understanding of the role of the weapon, jeez..

      question why they nerfed it I assume it was because of the mobile gaming, frustrating gameplay where some noob on mobile would pull camlan into the team and get em wiped.

      uninterruptible E will change jack shit because camlan should not be open world clump maker imo. for that is HOJ and compress.
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      And yet @Quagga
      there is something called witchwork staff which can replace camnlan
      it can hit over the wall and can be cast where its needed
      on top of its 20 second cooldown and instant cast speed

      did i forget to mention its a 1h item?

      like you said the NERF to its cast range from 26 to 18
      and pull range from 9 to 8
      is what killed the weapon

      hence if SBI does not want to revert such a change then the very least they should make it uninterruptable as compensation
      The Tank Who Bonks