Pinned Guild Season Schedules: Albion West Season 19 / Albion East Season 1

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    • Guild Season Schedules: Albion West Season 19 / Albion East Season 1

      Guild Season Schedules: Albion West Season 19 / Albion East Season 1

      Normally, Guild Seasons on Albion West (Washington, DC server) and Albion East (Singapore server) will start and end on the same date. However, as the Albion East server launch takes place after the regular season start date, the first Albion East season will begin several weeks later and be slightly shorter. Both seasons will end on the same date.

      Season Schedule: Albion West Season 19 - Starts 11 March at 11:00 UTC

      DateWeekdayEventPortal Binding RemovalDay of Season
      11.03.2023SaturdaySeason start: reset, invasion, all the trimmingsDisabled (11 UTC)1
      12.03.2023SundayScoring starts (by time zone)2
      13.03.2023MondayTerritory Battles StartEnabled (11 UTC)3
      08.04.2023SaturdayResets and invader spawnsDisabled (11 UTC)29
      10.04.2023Monday-Enabled (11 UTC)31
      06.05.2023SaturdayResets and invader spawns, 2x scoreDisabled (11 UTC)57
      08.05.2023Monday-Enabled (11 UTC)59
      03.06.2023SaturdayFinal Territory Battles85
      04.06.2023SundayCrystal League Final Matches86
      05.06.2023MondaySeason end87

      Season Schedule: Albion East Season 1 - Starts 25 March at 00:00 UTC

      DateWeekdayEventPortal Binding RemovalDay of Season
      25/03/2023SaturdaySeason start: reset, invasion, all the trimmingsDisabled (0 UTC)1
      26/03/2023SundayScoring starts (by time zone)2
      27/03/2023MondayTerritory Battles StartEnabled (0 UTC)3
      15/04/2023SaturdayResets and invader spawnsDisabled (0 UTC)22
      17/04/2023Monday-Enabled (0 UTC)24
      06/05/2023SaturdayResets and invader spawns, 3x scoreDisabled (0 UTC)43
      08/05/2023Monday-Enabled (0 UTC)45
      03/06/2023SaturdayFinal Territory Battles71
      04/06/2023SundayCrystal League Final Matches72
      05/06/2023MondaySeason end73

      Crystal League / Crystal Arena

      Changed Match Rules for Crystal League and Crystal Arena:

      5v5 Crystal League & Crystal Arena
      • At the end of each round, all scoring Runestones reset. This means that the team that holds more Runestones at the end of each round loses their Runestones.
      • Scoring Round: 60s → 150s
      • Point Changes:
        • 1-Runestone advantage: 10 →25
        • 2-Runestone advantage: 10 → 35
        • 3-Runestone advantage: 20 → 50
      • Runestone Channel Range: 4m → 8m
      • Map change: Cross → Spade
      20v20 Crystal League
      • At the end of each Round, all scoring Runestones reset. Meaning the team that holds more Runestones at the end of each Round loses their Runestones.
      • Scoring Round: 120s → 180s
      • Scoring Changed:
        • 1 Runestone advantage 10 → 30
        • 2 Runestones advantage 10 → 45
        • 3 Runestones advantage 20 → 60
        • 4 Runestones advantage 20 → 75
        • 5 Runestones advantage 60 → 90
      • Runestone Channel Range: 4m → 8m
      From this season (S19 West / S1 East) onwards, we are splittig the Crystal League time slots into different slots for Albion West and Albion East.

      Crystal League Schedule (Albion West)
      Crystal League Schedule (Albion East)
      Conqueror's Challenge Rewards

      Guild Season Avatars

      New Avatars awarded to ranking guilds:
      • Crystal Sword Dancer Avatar
      • Gold Sword Dancer Avatar
      • Silver Sword Dancer Avatar
      • Bronze Sword Dancer Avatar
      Guild Season Winner - Vanity Mount

      The first three guilds in the Guild Rankings will no longer receive a furniture item of their season statue. Instead, they will receive new skins for the Direwolf.

      These skins are unlock items that can be freely traded:
      Direwolf Skin: Guild Season Winner
      Direwolf Skin: Guild Season 2nd Place
      Direwolf Skin: Guild Season 3rd Place

      Conqueror's Challenge Changes

      • Crystal Spider:
        • Might needed per level doubled
          • Level 1: 3,000 -> 6,000
          • Level 2: 7,500 - 15,000
          • etc.

    • So you guys orginally said that the lack of a 13 UTC timer was a bug that needed to be fixed only to remove it from West entirely? Shockingly bad communication there I must say.

      Is there any consideration to adjust rewards for crystals given you have just removed a third of them? Really impacts weekends, especially the high level Saturdays. Very unhappy with this change!
    • This is gut wrenching to read for players who frequent 13 UTC but don't live near the east servers. I cannot fully understand the reason for taking away 1/3 of CL players access to the game on west and not adding an extra match or extra reward or anything to the remaining timers. As Crokey said, logging in to play multiple high urgency matches on Saturday to grind your way into a level 7 match was one of the highlights of my gaming experience. I also see a real hit to guilds earning season points as Martzel mentioned.

      All of these seem to be negative changes for the players who really enjoy CL. I mainly enjoy CL and hell gates, 5v5 content is my favorite by a mile. Removing this timer is going to have a large impact on my Albion Online enjoyment and many others like me will feel the same.

      This all seems really odd, when we just had one of the most heralded and successful CLCs of all time, big changes coming to CL rules (why not let us play more instead of less of the new version), we were told the missing timer was a bug and told that the East server wasn't going to interfere with the West server.
    • What's the new Avatars look like?Why you didn't release it as the S18 or early season?

      And is there any technical issues to add some servers in Asia but let Asian players still play in West server?

      Or official just wanna sell some 'founder pack' for money?

      Or just let the Asian players to play in a 'sandbox‘, like virus isolation?

      Officials is failed to ban Asian player banana and his RMT empire, so you guys make a great idea to let them play in a new server?
    • So, Asia server gets one Crystal timer which continues to remain at an awkward hour for a two key parts of potential player demographics. OCE and India get screwed over by the solo crystal timers.

      The least SBI could do to generate some hype regarding crystals for Asia server is have timers that could actually accommodate the player base, rather than some arbitrary timer taken from the West server...

      Do we wonder why only 32 teams participated in 5v5 lethals over the course of Season 18? An average of 4 matches and 1 no show per timer.

      The post was edited 1 time, last by noxmortus ().

    • Have you forgotten that there are people that play on west, that live in +3 or +4 UTC timers. And the summer time switch is in the way so for these players 20 UTC would be 00.00 / 01.00 in the middle of night ? Are these people suppoused to move to east servers too to play? Im +2 UTC, North Eastern Europe and 20 UTC is already late for me. Summer time even more late. 13.00 UTC is perfect for players +2, +3, +4 UTC. Have you considered this at all ? You're taking away content from people and the competitive side of the game suffers because of this. This move doesnt make any sense. BRING BACK 13.00 UTC CRYSTAL TIMERS:
    • This is very bad news for crystal league players. Please reconsider removing the timer or consider fleshing out the other timers like in off season. Or both :) This is our favourite content and we can already not play it as often as we would like. The 5v5 community is sad and mad.
    • I sincerely hope the crystal timers for 5v5 are changed.

      12:00 UTC as the SOLE timer is quite awkward.

      Albion west gets 2 timers at 20utc and 2utc. 6 hours apart. why cant Albion east get 8:00utc and 14:00UTC or 10:00utc and 16:00 utc.
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