Question of the Week #13

    • Question of the Week #13

      Greetings, adventurers!

      It's time for another Question of the Week!

      As we learned in the previous Question of the Week, accumulating wealth in Albion isn't exactly a cakewalk.
      But every now and then, you get your hands on That. One. Thing. The thing that's ridiculously good and equally ridiculously expensive. Maybe you got lucky and scored a major loot in a dungeon or took down a wealthy trader on their way to Caerleon carrying their entire fortune. Or maybe you simply grinded, farmed, and traded endlessly until you finally amassed enough silver to purchase it on the market.

      Regardless of how you got it, once you have it, it's definitely a moment worth celebrating, even if you end up selling it the very next day. Of course, what constitutes a "valuable item" can vary greatly from person to person. That is why

      Our Question of the Week is:

      What was your most valuable possession in the game, and how did you obtain it?
    • Percy's Most Valueable Item

      Explorer's Anchor
      This legendary item is worth an estimated 17.5m Market Value across the lands of Albion. This item over the course of Albion's history has increased price dramatically over the years. Even at the initial launch of the game it went for a few million silver for those that did not purchase the founders packs. I was blessed to get my hands on two of them and I plan on holding onto them for the foreseeable future to see if the price will ever break 50M.

      The T8 Legendary Explorer's Palace is worth the price
    • lol..people get valuable loot in this game? I must need to make a blood sacrifice to the RNG gods then because I've only ever looted crap from this game. If it wasn't for the 6 Islands I have (and pay real money to have focus to use) I would be broke..
    • I don't own so many valuable items, but between my personal little treasures the most valuable one could be the Spring Cottontail mount: it remembers me of the last Easter event, which was very joyful! :) When an Easter chest appeared, people often didn't mind to join a party, so a huge party waiting for the chest to open could happen much more frequently than players fighting each other for the chest...and one day I did it, I opened a chest together with many other players, and I was lucky enough to find the Egg in my small share of the loot! I ran away a second after, don't know why, we were in a yellow map and nobody could kill me nor steal the egg... :D But I was somehow scared to lose it, and after reaching Bridgewatch I wrote a chat message to thank each person who could have been together with me.
      I used the Bunny a very few times, but it's so cute!

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    • Explorer's Spyglass. They used to be very valuable (and unique) until I think the labourers/trophies got rebalanced (or the shark trophies got added in?)

      There isn't really anything valuable in the game anymore, gear and mounts are all just like consumables... maybe a Masterpiece top tier gear (8.4 MP) to only be worn in the city can be considered valuable - but only until a new tier or enchantment gets released...