Asking SBI to increase player retention: attempt 3

    • Small-scale/Solo PvP
    • Asking SBI to increase player retention: attempt 3

      My mission: To increase player retention through lowering the barrier to entry of PVP and making 1v1 + 2v2 PVP success more obtainable for all players.

      My request: To create a 1v1 and 2v2 queue system (like arena but HARD IP cap at like 1000 or something) where players can queue straight into a fight. The maps could be same size or smaller size versions of existing 1v1 and 2v2 maps. This mode would reward no loot or fame.

      My reasoning: This will NOT invalidate the current 1v1 and 2v2 content because no loot or fame will be provided, only experience from practicing! By creating a safe and fast way for players to practice their pvp skills, new players will be able to freely try new builds without having to spend valuable time searching for corrupted dungeons and completing pve content. The dungeon search and pve content takes a lot of time from new players and as a player who quit many times through the pvp learning process, having a quick and easy way to theory craft and practice skills would be amazing. Even now as a long time player, I would use this feature to theory craft and practice 2v2 skills.

      Please consider this as many players will give up on albion before getting to experience the amazing depth of the pvp system because the barrier to entry is very high and there is NOT an efficient and easy way to practice. There is no downside to this, in fact, hellgate and corrupted dungeons will become even MORE popular as more players feel confident to try them out after practicing, so open world pvp will thrive even more! Thank you.
    • Hey there! Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate that you try to make the game better. Our devs do check the forums and see a lot of what is posted and suggested here, they don't always have the time to reply or acknowledge your posts though. Rest assured though that feedback and ideas posted here usually reach them

      As mentioned by @Mandulf though, please don't create identical threads within a short period of days as that might be considered spam eventually.

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