Really Scary Bug

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    • Really Scary Bug

      I put all my 8.4 gear, including my 8.4 Self-Crafted Masterpiece Greataxe into the Rentable Chest in Adren's Hill. Then I suicided for quick travel to the city. Then I went to the market, and my 8.4 gear appeared in my "Lost Items" Loadout.

      I almost had a heart attack! lol..... I'm like WTF DID I SUICIDE WITH MY GEAR ON????

      So I RACED back to the Adren's Hill chest. My stuff was there. Did not suicide with it on.

      But WHY OH WHY was it in my lost items loadout on the market???

      Yeah guys, please fix this. lol... For the sake of mental health!!!

      Only reasons I can think of for this are death in Crystal Arena (which is obviously not full loot but maybe registering as such in the Loadout) or Faction PvP Knockouts in Yellow or Blue Zones.
    • Javier97 wrote:

      It is beacause of the Crystal Arena death, noticed this the other day and wondered if it was intended, doesnt really make much sense
      Yes. They really should fix it. And I think @Mabruck totally missed the point of the post. Skipping empty loadouts is a good thing, and not at all what I am talking about here. The non-death deaths (Arenas, Crystal Arenas, Expeditions) should not flow into the loadouts because the items are not actually lost.