Bring /LFG /REC /HELP /TR channels to LIGHT

    • Bring /LFG /REC /HELP /TR channels to LIGHT

      Hello there,

      I've noticed most players don't even know there are dedicated channels to recruitment, trade, help, etc.
      Actually, I've been playing for almost 3 years and I just found a couple days ago there was a /HELP channel, omg!
      Anyways, is this something you could add to the tutorial? (I don't know if you've already had but if you had, it's not working because everybody ends up recruiting or looking for people to party in the /general or in the dedicated channels for all of the AO supported languages.

      Thanks :thumbsup:
    • Ohh thanks for replying so fast!

      Actually, having the /help tab as a standard tab would be very helpful!!
      And regarding the tutorial, I thought about some sort of "section" that would read "How to use the chat?" and then some windows explaining stuff like "There's a /LFG channel if you are looking for people to party" etc, etc.