Question of the Week #11

    • Question of the Week #11

      Hey everyone! We're back with another Question of the Week!

      The Outlands. A place where danger and mystery go hand in hand. Rebuilt from the distorted pieces by the powerful Avalonians, it's a land where rules don't apply and power struggles reign supreme. Most of the newbies are scared to make even one step into those unruly lands. But, let's be real, it's not just a warzone. Some of you out there are living it up, treating the Outlands as your own personal playground.
      So, we're curious, what keeps you coming back? What's so fun there to do in the land of no rules? We would love to hear your opinion and preferences about the Outlands, to make them better!

      Our Question of the Week is:
      How much time do you spend in the Outlands, and what are your typical activities there?
    • As with a good handful of end-game players, we usually only log on for Outlands ZvZ with our guild, once or twice a day.
      ZvZ comes from Territory Launches/Defending Last Hideout Shields/Castles

      New comers shouldn't feel threatened, most guilds offer full regears for deaths during these ZvZ activities.
      You get to engage in large scale wars with high-IP gear funded by your guild, what more would you want?
    • Fun?
      Chest ,castles, gathering

      and most importantly mammoth cub

      I wish that the open world raid bosses such as eye of the forest, wailing bulwark and black monestary
      gets a rework some time soon
      there is basically little to no reason to risk going there with all the ratting going on
      The Tank Who Bonks

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    • Most of my time in albion is spent roaming around with my guildmates to find content in the outland. Every day we yearn for content, but most of the time, we will not have enough numbers, so we choose a time to mass every day.

      Normally we would aim for an objective like vortexes, cores, and big chests, and when contents come, we will not deny it, even if that is an outnumbered fight. While waiting for content, we are ganker, and most of our profit comes from this activity. We are gankers roaming around, only checking a map for a few minutes and then going. We don't camp, or have a HO at a valuable map to do the near-shore ganking. We invest in high gears and come to other people’s maps. If they chase, we fight. If they hide, we take everything we can.

      I did FF in the outland because, in my opinion, it is one of the most effective ways to gain pve fame. Players with hideouts in those high-tier zones will benefit most from this method. I usually get chased around by gankers, but the most irritating thing is the natives on that map. They would ambush, call friends, etc.

      Outland’s population decreases time after time, and I don't want to count those zerg’s numbers because it aint fun. This is the result of many factors, but in this post, I just want to point out one of them. The one who owns the map. Large resource nodes would be seen by them first. If they decide to gank on their maps, nobody can do anything about it. I just regear if they get killed, and that happens instantly.

      To not make this post any longer, convenience is the strongest advantage in albion online, but it will prevent players from making any more exciting contents.

      P/s: Some objectives which I think don't have any meaning: resources aspects, ghost town.
      Terri with the farm is too large, protected by many guards provided too much safety for the owners.
    • Fun is to do anything with friends, be it PVE or PVP.
      Castles, ZvZ's when we're with people contesting things, everything is fun.

      And what makes my friends not enter is to walk a lot to have little or no reward due to fixed rats or the ''reworks'' of the roads be mee (no reward = loot)
    • How much time do you spend in the Outlands, and what are your typical activities there?

      I do Corrupted Dungeons. That one is usually just 1 zone our of Portal. Then I go to Mists (I mean this is outlands as well, right?) when I need to farm Might+Favor for the Conqueror's challenge. Sometimes I do Roads (only because we have the luxury of a Hideout there), same - for Might and Favor primarily, maybe a bit for gathering and whatever rewards the green chests might provide. I used to gather (9 mil gather fame) but have not done that since 2020 when I took a break from the game. So pretty much all of my time (80%) is spent in outlands, while 20% is probably tending islands, selling/trading stuff, making sure I have gear stocked up ready to go if/when I die.