Hey Easterners!

    • Hey Easterners!

      I'm a newbie-ish player who installed this game so she could have an excuse not to play Roblox with her nieces.

      Turns out I'm actually a Founder and had been one since 2014. I remembered login in once and left because it wasn't as pretty as ArcheAge.

      My current achievements in Albion West includes (but not limited to):

      - Playing on 385 pings minimum. Once, topped 23567.
      - Kicked in every faction war group for "not doing anything" and dying - I was the healer
      - Kicked in most expedition group because I had been "lazy dps only spam Q" (I'm guessing they did not see the W & E part)
      - Watching enviously at newbies posting all the sweet gears from high level group dungeons because guild members only logs on when I'm at work
      - Going into solo dungeons and screaming at my screen because I already dodged the AOE and still received damage
      - Not doing anything when ganked because pretending to be a bot is easier than being told I'm suck at PvP

      But nothing more humiliating than having the Anticheat program timing you out of the game for suspected malware. Did they really need to insult my potato internet?

      I'm not looking forward to having language barrier which is the synonym of any Asia server, but I guess that's better than getting stuck into the Farmer's category indefinitely.

      Too bad I can't carry over my 15K golds into the new server.