[SERVICE]) Magic Shop heading East

    • [SERVICE]) Magic Shop heading East

      Working similarly to a Ye Olden eBay we will open a series of item category based channels covering much of what the existing market has too sell plus some interesting integrations i thought could make for a interesting personal project while im not antiganking

      these include

      - A Guard Channel - This was my origin in this game, i spent a many months safely escorting clients (worth in the hundreds of millions) across dangerous territory and it was a great way too doo something different in Albion and make some decent silver as a guard. This guild as called the CLS and we thank in advance for any asking <3. I have steadily built a strong network of guards and guard guild start ups that the AOS has inherited from our former guild the CLS

      - A Featured Crafter channel - for each items for larger orders - really want to be the best sword smith in Albion? we can help you get there with a list of chosen crafters that will have exclusive promotion of them in the discord as we grow. for a reasonable fee you can dominate your chosen field for a week with a special roles so you can be mentioned for the order. In addition with this will be the...

      - A Open House channel - which operates similar too the ingame trade channel so the customers can holler for what they need and you can promote your skills

      - Hire a Artist channel - this is a new idea that occurred too me so that artist of Albion can be found and offered silver/gold for stylish moments of captured story for your guilds progress through this game. (Dont buy with gold or silver - rmt - could get you banned)

      - Ladies and Gentlemen. Big news!!! a new category has been made called chest bidding - you can place bids on peoples chests for silver!! this is a great leap forward for the discord. if you know some people interested let them know and its broken down into the city the chest is located.

      Now too clarify i am not a discord builder so if your expecting discord witchery i am not a wizard harry. but as we expand we will work towards creating a really great place too do business and make money in a way that ensures security is paramount and expansion is inevitable.

      My credentials at this point is a near perfect score with guarding clients, been entrusted with hundreds of millions in the game without theft and is the #1 undefeated worst pvper of all time

      If this interests you or you have some suggestions, hit me up in the discord.gg/g64nzmHCHn server


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