The Battle For Brecilian

    • The Battle For Brecilian

      The War of Attrition continues in Brecilian.

      The AOS continues to be best in slot for pots and tools causing massive damage to the 2 cartels fighting over brec. Seb has countered by severely undercutting us next door but we seeing him beginning to panic and realizing that with the amount of plots he has he is massively over extended. we strongly suspect a collapse incoming. which leaves the Sleeper cartel. these guys are hitting out buildings as fast as possible in order to create erosion on them but the stone cost is small. this has had minimal effect

      If we can pull another 35 mill to defend them, we are staying another month - i have 12 and about a week to get the rest together

      we are also pushing people into Brec so we can maximize our local crafting to our own advantage, hitting them on that front as well, we are also getting food produced further immunizing us from their stupid games

      While brec is a hemorrhage i do see the bleed slowing fast as long as we can keep the buildings fed and pay the bills we can hold, this battle this war of silver is going to be hard fought but the AOS will persevere!

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