Anybody even use the Morgana Cape?

    • Anybody even use the Morgana Cape?

      Aside for a couple of meme fire builds (that rely on fast casts and fast stacks, which are not that prevalent, but can be seen in some 1v1 or 1vX PVP, or weird 1h Dagger Builds) - does anyone even use the cape?

      The cooldown feels atrocious (even though they reduced it a little recently), needs to be something along the lines of 30 sec, so you can at least use it twice in a fight... OR duration maybe buffed a little...

      I can see it being like 30-40 sec cooldown with current 8 sec buff, or maybe 10 sec buff with the current cooldown of 90-ish sec...
    • Catandcoffee wrote:

      Ehh 1H Wild fire (pass casting speed )+ book + schol robe + Morgana cape . Es crazy click Q's- schol robe + crazy click Q's
      Yeah, on paper this works, but I've never seen it outside of city duels and meme builds (maybe in group play where people run multiple Royal Jackets? PVE only?) the cooldown is an issue to be usable in PVP or even PVE consitently over other DPS options like Demon cape or Thetford, IMHO. I can maybe see it in 5v5, where you have a tank who says "engaging now" and you get to attack a stunned/immobile target for 8 sec with Morgana proc on a high DPS weapon...

      Catandcoffee wrote:

      Regular Bow , whisper bow
      Es + Morgan+ AA ,and hunter jacket + Es + AA .
      Again, never seen this ingame ever. Maybe 5v5 fights on Reg bow?

      Fusionbomb wrote:

      staple item for frost users in most content imo

      Fusionbomb wrote:

      also benefits 1h dagger and standard bow
      yeah the "benefits" are on paper, but with 90 sec CD its just too long to be useful in any form (PVE or PVP, as I mentioned a weird 5v5 comp build specifically around 1 guy using Morgana could be an exception, but building entire team around 1 item seems silly to me). Could even benefit holy healers who are in PVP "mode" on Smite, but I think even they don't use this cape...
    • fareuei wrote:

      But Q2 frost can burst a lot with morgana cape.

      Arcanian88 wrote:

      Pretty much any perma frost user in small scale or zvz will be running Morgana cape, unless they’re a potato. This alone gives it a lot of usage as perma is a staple clap weapon.
      Ah yes, I remember this now, when the Ice Shard skill got introduced 2 years ago, it was pretty OP. Makes sense. I guess Morgana Cape is pretty niche then, if only 1 class on one specific combo (Frost Q2) runs it in ZvZ/5v5/10v10

      (should be set to 11:22) - I died to this exact combo 2 years ago, but again, I don't remember as I never see this in OW anymore...

      I've tried running Morgana on Infernal Scythe, feels pretty underwhelming, there are better choices for 1v1 (and you only benefit from the attack speed, the cast time does nothing for a melee) , its "okayish" on a Bow, but makes you very vulnerable to initial engagement, as the cooldown is atrocious (any smart player will just block/run/purge/blink away and kite it out).

      IMHO cooldown should be shortened to something along the lines of 30-35 sec, so at least you have 1 more use out of it (assuming you can make the fight last past 30 sec) if something goes wrong.

      The cape balancing in general with all the recent mobility changes (buffs)/blocks/defensives make no sense. Some capes are on 15-30 cd and work really well. The capes that are 1-2-3 min CD just feel horrible to use...
    • there are uses, frost/1h dagger for pve/bow, Maybe the cooldown is too high but cant be something like 30s, it would be too oppressive.
      And you can use one morgana cape in the back and one in each arm and proc all togheter and it would still suck with scythe

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