Color blind issue

    • Color blind issue

      We call colorblinds people that have trouble to differenciate colors ; but in reality we all almost all of us see differently. Some people see more variation of blues and other can see all the color with less or more contrast.
      Vision in a video game is very important and it would benefit the game from having the option to have differents colors filters and contrast/brightness/color strenght adjusters.

      Personnaly I have a lot of problem with colors.
      I once shotcalled my guild to dismount and kill what was a guildmember :thumbup: caz I thought it was a red instead of green.
      I often wishper people that type in local chat because I think that was the wishper color and they were trying to talk to me :thumbup:
      And I'm generally scared in the blackzone of everyone even if its a green life bar because I see it red. :thumbup:

      And with all the player base Albion Online have and will have I don't think a color blind mode will only benefit me.

      Thank a lot for reading.