Testserver Patch Notes - Beyond the Veil Patch 4

    • Testserver Patch Notes - Beyond the Veil Patch 4

      Beyond the Veil Patch 4
      Traditional Chinese and Indonesian Added

      Albion Online now offers full language support for Traditional Chinese and Indonesian.
      • These languages are selectable from within the launcher or via the in-game Settings menu
      • Dedicated chat channels have been added to the game for these languages
      • Forthcoming news articles will appear in these languages as well
      • Note that newer ingame text may not yet be fully translated, and that some news articles may remain untranslated during this launch period
      Season 17 Statue Unveiled
      The statue honoring Take-off-Wuhu, winners of Albion's 17th Guild Season, can now be seen in front of Conquerors' Hall in all Royal Cities. The statue also includes the banners of second- and third-place winners Dancing on the Grave and EQMS EQMS. Congrats to these guilds on their accomplishments!

      Changes and Improvements
      • Streamer Mode:
        • Added an ‘Always’ option to the Streamer Mode popup on login
        • Steam account data is now hidden like other account credentials
      • Reworked, improved, and diversified ambient sounds for all biomes and cities
      • Added 2 slots to trading UI and updated layout
      • Artifact item details now show which items can be crafted with the artifact
        • These items are clickable for more information
      • Added Search and Filter options to Bank and Chest UI
      • Price display is now consistent across different building types (crafting stations, Vanity Merchant, etc.)
      • Added message when a crafting station is not usable due to lacking access rights or nutrition
      • Shared Loadouts UI now opens inventory tab if no equipment is set
      • Travel Planner UI now adjusts dynamically based on user's current city
      • New appearance options added to character customization:
        • Additional skin color palette with 7 olive skin tones
        • 2 new male and 3 new female hairstyles
        • 1 new face option each for male and female characters
        • 2 new character Avatars each for male and female characters
      • Added tutorial screen to Black Market and Marketplace screens to give additional information on what they are and how they work
      • Added tutorial screen to the Wardrobe and Mountskin section of the Appearance screen to give additional information about how to equip skins and how unlocks work
      • Heretic Mob Changes:
        • Added or adjusted abilities for:
          • Thief (Dash, Heavy Smash)
          • Archer (Blunt Arrow, Arrow Rain)
          • Mage (Stalking Embers)
          • Healer (Regenerate Energy)
          • Tank (Crushing Blow, Dash, Shield Bash)
          • fixed several missing Loca Tags
        • Changed Tank Miniboss dash to be in a line and target into a direction instead of on top of the targeted enemy, also uninterruptible
      Combat Balance Changes
      This patch mainly focuses on improving the feel and audiovisual feedback of a number of early-game items, to improve the first impressions of the game and bring some older items up to our modern standards. Many of these changes are not primarily intended to address the current endgame meta, but rather to improve the foundation of our gameplay.

      Most changes are intended to make Bows feel better and more responsive to play. Ray of Light’s cooldown is further decreased but we also reduce the root duration. This way we want Ray of Light to be the more damage oriented kiting option on W. We are also making Ray of Light to be the first W spell, to make the early PvE experience more interesting, because right now player’s start with two self buffs in their kit (Explosive Arrows and Enchanted Quiver), which makes Bows feel not very dynamic in the early game.
      • Auto Attacks
        • Standtime after each attack: 0.4s -> 0.3s
      • Poisoned Arrow (all Bows)
        • Hit Delay: 0.2s -> 0.1s
      • Ray of Light (all Bows)
        • Cooldown: 12s -> 10s
        • Root Duration: 1.99s -> 1.8s
      • Adjusted Spell Unlock Order:
        • Level 3: Explosive Arrows -> Ray of Light
        • Level 70: Ray of Light -> Explosive Arrows
      We are adjusting the auto attack timing for Crossbows to make the weapon line feel more responsive.
      • Auto Attacks
        • Standtime after each attack: 0.4s -> 0.3s
      Arcane Staffs
      • Time Freeze (Great Arcane Staff):
        • Can now affect a maximum of five enemy players and five allied players at one time
        • Can still affect an unlimited number of mobs
      Cursed Staffs
      Anguished Soul deals high damage and with the Fear it has a strong crowd control effect. The Fear Duration will now scale with all the player stats like item power and bonus CC Duration. But will also be reduced by the enemies CC Resistance and Diminishing Returns. So a Demonic Staff wielder can’t have max damage and max CC on a cloth Robe. But has to decide to either sacrifice damage or Crowd Control duration with the armor choice.
      • Anguished Soul (Demonic Staff)
        • Fear Duration is not fixed anymore, instead it scales with item power, bonus cc duration factors and target CC resistance
      Concussive Blow is reworked into a multicast ability that plays very similar to the current iteration but feels much better to use and communicates what is happening more clearly. Additionally we reduce the Standtime after Vault Leap, allowing the caster to combo while the enemy is still in the air at the cost of some of the cast range.
      • Concussive Blow (all Quarterstaffs)
        • Reworked into a Multicast ability
        • The values of each hit and their behavior are almost identical, but each hit now has its own animation and feedback
        • Renamed to Concussive Combo
      • Vault Leap (regular Quarterstaff)
        • Standtime: 0.6s -> 0.25s
        • Range 15m -> 12m
      We are adding the new W-ability Blade Cyclone. A fun and engaging ability, it deals damage while also offering some mobility and repositioning. Since Swords already have a lot of mobility in their kit, we wanted to keep the additional move speed it offers under control by limiting its distance and move speed. And as an additional check it also always consumes a Heroic Charge. For pure unconditional mobility Iron Will will still be the superior choice. Blade Cyclone will now become the Swords first W ability, to vastly improve the first experience with the weapon tree. We also improved various Sword ability visual effects to make them more satisfying to use.
      • Added new W-ability: Blade Cyclone
        • Swirl into target direction, dealing 40 physical damage up to 3 times.
        • Move Speed: 11m/s
        • Range: 7m
        • Standtime: 0.25s
        • If you have at least 1 Heroic Charge active, it will be consumed and enemies take 60 physical damage every hit instead.
      • Crescent Slash (Clarent Blade)
        • Projectile Speed: 28m/s -> 29.3m/s
        • Improved Projectile Hit Detection
      • Adjusted Spell Unlock Order:
        • Always Unlocked:
          • Heroic Strike
          • Heroic Cleave
          • Blade Cyclone
        • Level 3: Interrupt
        • Level 15: Splitting Slash
        • Level 40: Hamstring
        • Level 70: Parry Strike
        • Level 85: Iron Will
      Ethereal Form’s downsides are currently making it not used much. To improve its attractiveness we are reducing the delay until the caster turns into the Ethereal Form. Additionally we are also removing the self damage reduction effect to open the ability up to be more useful in various content types.
      • Ethereal Form (Feyscale Sandals)
        • Delay to turn into Ethereal Form: 1s -> 0.5s
        • Removed the self damage reduction
      Offensive Mount abilities can no longer be used while faction-flagged (except Faction Mounts).

      Miscellaneous: Visual Overhauls
      Overhauled visuals and audio for these abilities to make them more satisfying to use and improve readability
      • Bows
        • Auto Attacks
        • Poisoned Arrow (all Bows)
        • Enchanted Quiver (Regular Bow)
        • Undead Arrows (Whispering Bow)
      • Crossbows
        • Auto Attacks (including Energy Shaper)
      • Quarterstaffs
        • Concussive Blow (all Quarterstaffs)
      • Maces
        • Sacred Ground (all Maces)
      • Swords
        • Splitting Slash (all Swords)
        • Mighty Blow (Broadsword)
        • Charge (Claymore)
        • Spinning Blades (Dual Swords)
        • Crescent Slash (Clarent Blade)
      • Armors
        • Speed Caster (Scholar Robe)
      • UI fixes:
        • Travel Planner:
          • Fixed issue where, on opening the Travel Planner from an island, not all possible travel destinations would display
          • Fixed issue where, on opening the Travel Planner from an island, selected destinations would not highlight
          • Fixed issue where the Travel Planner destination dropdown menu would remain open after closing and reopening the Travel Planner UI
        • Fixed issue where notifications counter stated wrong numbers in main UI
        • Fixed issue where cooldown times in spell slots would not display correctly when items with Cooldown Reduction equipped
        • Fixed issue where sorting and filtering in the Marketplace UI did not function correctly
        • Fixed issue where Dynamic Actions and Minimum Gathering Tier settings couldn't be changed on desktop
        • Fixed sorting issues in Warriors Forge and Mage Tower, as well as with Fey Armor and Offhands
        • Fixed issue where guilds with over 300 active members would not appear in the guild finder
        • Fixed issue where Loadouts sent by mail were clickable
        • Fixed issue where setting the Loadout filter reduced scrollbar
        • Fixed issue where "Skip Cluster" from character selection screen gave an error message
        • Fixed issue where dropdown in Crystal League Season UI would disappear
        • Fixed issue where "My Party" section in Party Finder was blank after reopening it
        • Fixed issue where guild creation cost was different on UI and confirmation popup
        • Fixed issue where Loadouts would not save after multiple edits
        • Fixed issue where construction confirmation window would not close with ESC key
        • Fixed issue where Hideout Headquarters UI would incorrectly state that qualifications were not met for Headquarters in the Roads of Avalon
        • Equipment now updates in real time for applicants joining or requesting to join in Party Finder
        • Fixed issue where overhead message when gathering enchanted resources displayed wrong rarity
        • Fixed issue where disabling Open World Tooltips for Mists entrances would also disable tooltips for open-world region exits
        • Fixed issue where opening the Destiny Board while a tooltip was displayed could cause the tooltip to persist
        • Fixed issue where a shared loadout would not display the selected passive and active spells when an item is clicked
      • Controller fixes:
        • Fixed issue where "Select Loadout" dropdown menu in "Loadouts" Marketplace tab was not selectable
        • Fixed issue where it was not possible to select checkboxes in "Open-World Tooltips" section of Interface settings
        • Fixed issue where zone map border displayed above the gamepad controls display
        • Fixed issue that caused abilities to begin casting after closing inventory if button was pressed before opening it
        • Improved casting of position / rotation spells with "cast on release" mode
        • Fixed issues where spell indicator areas would not appear and inventory UI would close immediately after returning focus to game window and playing with controller
      • Mobile fixes:
        • Fixed issue where spell cast indicators would persist after being silenced during casting
        • Fixed issue where traps in Corrupted Dungeons could be selected while targeting
        • Fixed issue where manual target drags would not lock the dynamic action attack mode
      • Fixed issue where chest rarity could be viewed before unlocking
      • Fixed issue where laborers would sometimes return with no resources
      • Fixed issue where mobs in Roads of Avalon camps could respawn without a chest present
      • Fixed issue where characters would freeze when casting a spell and opening a loot bag at the same time
      • Fixed issue where Fearless Rush (Elite Wild Boar) didn't give immunity to forced movement effects
      • The "Autumn Tree" furniture item now appears in its correct fall colors
      • Additional graphical, audio, UI, and localization fixes
    • I checked the balance patch, I want to share my first impressions
      1. Fear curse became very weak even in plate armor cannot make the same fear to a person in leather a tier below
      2. Quarterstaff I don’t see the difference between the animation time , it is minimal, but 3 meters of radius are felt
      other changes are not significant
      I only can say thank you for the new visual, it makes me take this skills.
    • Asheraxia wrote:

      One handed Curse E can now be reflected.

      Holy and Nature trees both have a W dot removal.

      holy cow you want the E to be reflected AND asking for DOT removal buffs to healer classes haha? No offense - but how bad are you? And you're playing healers it seems...

      Kosm1ks wrote:

      1. Fear curse became very weak even in plate armor cannot make the same fear to a person in leather a tier below
      you can thank all the people who complained :)
    • Why is sword getting more mobility ontop of more mobility? Just make it a high damaging moving ‘spinning’ channel that moves at regular run speed + buffs, is interruptible but costs 2 heroic charges to use (to allow some kiting options with only a maximum of 1 charge that can be left while spinning) .

      Swords becomes an amazing aoe mob clearer (but vulnerable to CC, unlike Axes) with cleave in between to gain back up the charges it uses for any ult use and still is counter-able in pvp.

      The current cyclone sounds like dual swords wet dream with them not needing charges to do E damage.

      Also, how about removing searing flame’s cast time so it can actually be used in small scale pvp by pro players? A set directional skill shot with a cast time as a Q spell of all things is absolutely terrible design when considering there’s little in the tool kit to assist with ‘training damage’. Also, get rid of the 3x strike being additional damage, instead add in a 20% self speed boost for every successful hit for 2 seconds and every third successful hit will stun the target for 1 second. Boom. Fire in small scale pvp is fixed and it actually nerfs the damage a bit.

      Q spells on frost need addressing too.

      I’m still lost on why magic dps do not have abilities in either their spell tool kits or items to allow movement on character WHILE casting for short periods of time to allow run and gunning of spells with cast times.

      Melee has many abilities their tool kits to catch up to targets. There is little out there to truly assist specifically casters with cast times to move and play their role at the same time. Albion is very much a run and gun game at the moment. Any ability that self roots you is not even considered.

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    • PrintsKaspian wrote:

      Added Search and Filter options to Bank and Chest UI
      this is a Godsend!

      Bows still feel slow (stand-time-wise) for "orb-walking" purposes (like in DOTA/LoL) and Speed Shot still feels very lackluster :(

      EDIT: swords feel really fun to play, but also feel busted (OP). Like... every other melee weapon, especially axe - that "excelled at AOE" now feels weak and with lack of mobility :( So I suppose other weapons need a buff to be on the same level? If I can AOE clear and have better single target DPS with Dual Swords, whats the point of Axes? Sure they got some minuscule healing reduction, but ain't nobody got time for that...

      Maybe Dual Swords is meant as the only 1v1 weapon for CD and Mists, like Battle axe is? Good for small scale too...

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    • 12s cooldown W dash dealing 180 base? melee clap Es are ~275 base
      as much dps as a fully procced internal bleeding (highest dps melee W) on a sword is very dangerous

      imo reduce the with stack damage to 50 per hit (still 39% more dps compared to splitting slash)
      or make it consume one heroic charge each spin hit (total 3)
      ~ Kanra
    • Kanra.zip wrote:

      12s cooldown W dash dealing 180 base? melee clap Es are ~275 base
      as much dps as a fully procced internal bleeding (highest dps melee W) on a sword is very dangerous

      imo reduce the with stack damage to 50 per hit (still 39% more dps compared to splitting slash)
      or make it consume one heroic charge each spin hit (total 3)
      imo the damage is ok since to hit all W damage you need to cast it in the same place because if you cast forward it wont deal the entire damage to them.

      Also for a mobility spell this skill is really slow, the dash is kinda slow and the 0,25 standtime after the dash end is kinda meh, probably its more worth to dont use this W if you trying to reach someone since it doesnt buff you or slow them or anything else. In my opinion its really slow because with 2 or more stacks from Q you walk faster than casting this spell so its really bad to chase people
      I would recommend @Retroman to remove the standtime after casting it then maybe it get worth to use it when you have 3 stacks (so you have more move speed) and is chasing someone.

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