[Beta] Albion Helper (Discord Market Bot/Crafting Calculator)

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    • [Beta] Albion Helper (Discord Market Bot/Crafting Calculator)

      Albion Helper

      (click the image above to invite the bot to your server)

      Market Bot used to check prices of items in cities & crafting calculator
      You can see the list of commands with b! help

      If you have any suggestions/ideas or would like to help then add me on Discord: aljak#1126

      Note that I am a newer player and I am doing this on my spare time so while making this bot I might've made some mistakes or did not consider certain things.

      However the core functions of price checking and the crafting calculator should work fine.

      Prefixes: /
      Use /help first

      /gold <number of days>Will show a chart of gold cost over number of days
      /search player/guild PLAYERNAME/GUILDNAMEExamples:
      /search player beast1k
      /prices ITEMNAMEWill list prices for that item in all cities it can fetch data for
      /itemsearch itemnameWill list items related to your search that you can use for price check and craft calculator
      /craftprice itemname town quantityWill list costs for that item and materials for that town and other towns.

      /craftprice T8_2H_SCYTHE_HELL@1 Lymhurst 1

      Here's an example output:

      FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

      Sometimes the graph shows strange values for a item, why does this happen?
      This item must be out of date in the Albion Data Client API, if you want help the API be more updated please head over to albion online data to see how you can help.

      Why does the crafting emulator show 0 for an item but a price for another item?
      This is because that item could either not be found there or was not scanned there and is not in the data server provided by ADO. The crafting calculator tries to provide the closest possible calculation.

      Why does the bot sometimes not delete the message?
      Every reaction by emoji has a maximum time to react, the time may have run out.

      Why does the bot not return prices for all cities?
      The bot may have found prices for one.

      I typed the command to search for an item and the bot returned the wrong item
      You probably typed the name of the item wrong, use b! isearch to get the exact name.

      To invite Albion Helper to your server click the image below:

      When you invite Albion Helper inside your server you agree with the terms and conditions of Discord, SBI and with the rules of the Albion Helper bot.

      Rules of the Albion Helper bot:
      • Don't spam commands
      • Don't try to impersonate the bot developer
      • Don't share the bot invitation link in the in-game chat
      • Don't threaten the security of the developer and users
      • Respect the Discord and SBI terms and conditions
      If you don't follow the rules above you will lose access to the bot.

      My discord: aljak#1126
      If you want help the bot be more updated please download the Albion Data Client and run the client with the game

      Thanks for the Albion Online Data Project that made this project be possible to do
      Thanks to the original creator of this bot MatchaBear none of this would be possible, it's his bot that this one was based on
      Thanks for the DiegoLima for helping with the layout of the thread and original idea since it was his thread that made me want to make a bot like this

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    • DotZe wrote:

      would rather see this as a tool provided by SBI, perhaps in game or via api but only accessible to premium players? I’m thinking this could be an awesome packaged service similar to Dota plus service.

      Just food for thought…
      Honestly? Me too. That would be awesome.