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    • AΩ University Stream by Khelron

      Alpha Omega University Stream Link: twitch.tv/aouniversity

      Alpha Omega University Discord: discord.gg/T7sNpRX9jK

      Alpha Omega University Youtube (will upload VODs here after streaming): youtube.com/@aouniversity

      Stream Launch: February 27, 2023

      This thread is for the announcement of a project to make a stream dedicated to teaching and reviewing ZvZ. At this time, there is no definitive date for the commencement of the stream, but I'm looking at beginning the stream in early February. *stream launch date updated above* I have been working with many players, new and old, to gather feedback on how to make this stream both entertaining and educational. At launch, the stream will not be completely polished, but the content will be well planned ahead of time. The plan is to continually work on the stream, using viewer feedback, to bring together the Albion community in discussing and engaging with ZvZ topics.

      Alpha Omega University Naming and Logo:

      1 - Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet, suggesting that what is talked about here encompasses everything between the beginning and the end.
      2 - University is embedded into the name to designate this stream as an educational source for the content provided, thus leading to the understanding that the goal is not to "trash talk" or belittle anyone who is trying to learn, but rather that we can take a look at some of the most complicated concepts in ZvZ and learn from the mistakes as well as achievements of others.
      3 - The Logo is a castle with university style banners displaying the Greek symbols for Alpha and Omega. The castle represents the a bit of the aesthetic that Albion Online uses with some of the weapons as well as territories and castles in the open world. The weapons in the middle are a Brimstone and a Divine Staff signifying the multi-class focus of the stream.

      Planned Schedule:

      Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, (ALL 00 UTC)

      -2 streams per week (Fridays/Saturdays) will be pre-planned teaching streams for various concepts about ZvZ.
      -1 stream per week (Mondays) will be VOD review from player requests or from other sources such as YouTube or AO War Report.
      Pre-planned streams will last between 1 and 2 hours, plus Q&A time afterwards.
      VOD streams will depend on the videos being reviewed.


      The goal of the stream is to explain concepts easily enough for new players to understand, but also will include many high level ZvZ concepts for experienced players to progress. Some episodes will lean more towards experienced players, while others will lean more for new players, but in general, there will be a balance between both sides. For example, Episode 6 is titled "Gearing Up" and will be focusing on how to make your own builds for ZvZ, what to look for, and what your goals are defined by your role. This episode leans towards newer players, but there will be information in it that can be useful for experienced players as well. On the other hand, Episode 5 titled "Calling Styles" explains higher level concepts that experienced players can learn from, but new players will also find the information useful. I intend on keeping this balance moving forward, but there will be occasional new player or experienced player specific episodes.

      Who Am I?

      My IGN is Khelron. I started playing Albion at launch (well, about 2 weeks after launch) in 2017. I've played the game continually since then except for 2-3 month breaks about once a year. I started in Awful Company and moved to Team Casualty to assist with the Season 3 win, then moved back to Awful Company for S4. At the end of S4, I joined Blue Army and won S5 and S6 there. I remained in Blue Army until we disbanded after our final S13 win. I joined Militant during S14 and S15, took a break for S16 and joined Take Care for S17. I am now back in Awful Company where it all began.

      Throughout my time in Albion, I've fought in many wars. I've been on the strong side and I've been on the underdog side. I've played as DPS, healer, support, tank, scout, and caller. I've led ZvZs as well as controlled macro for multi-zone cluster queue fights. I've participated in long-term war strategy as well as day-to-day tactics. I've personally trained multiple zergs in the game (Spanish and English speaking zergs) as well as helped train multiple callers. Together with xSarge and Boldy, I was interviewed years back on the AO Interview series as a caller. I've helped with war economy planning and logistics. I've also assisted guilds in establishing proper economies to support their ZvZ efforts.

      Beyond my on-field experience, I have also been known for multiple meta predictions. The most known prediction I made is in regards to Enigmatic Staff as I pushed for its adoption in all ZvZs before it was meta. Many people, even those in my own guild, ridiculed me for pushing the Enigmatic Staff. The weapon is considered "required" in all ZvZs now. Another weapon I began using before its meta was the Fallen Staff. Although I was pushing the staff before its cast time change, I was pushing the use of it due to its strong heal as well as the strength of the cleanse. When I was pushing its use, it was with scholar robe due to the long cast time. When the staff was changed to reduce cast time and increase radius, it immediately became meta. Another thing I've been known for is my use of Guardian Boots. People still meme about me using Guardian Boots like people meme'd about me pushing Enigmatic Staff, but Guardian Boots are being used more and more over time. Note - I only push Guardian Boots for certain types of tanks, not everyone. Lastly, I pushed Icicle before it became meta as disengage and for kiting, this one caught on much faster than the others, though. Since the recent changes, I've predicted that Siegebow will become meta once again and it looks like it's slowly catching on. Another prediction I have at the moment is that the melee meta will die soon, probably by next season. I will explain the predictions I make with meta shifts and why I believe what I believe in the AΩ University stream. It is important to note that not all my predictions have come to pass as I long believed the old Demonic would become meta, but it never did.

      Why Make A Stream?

      Overall, I have a significant amount of experience in all aspects of ZvZ. One of the things I found out was that as I was trying to get better in the game, I could never find a source of information on ZvZ that was consistent and reputable. I had to learn everything I know the hard way - dying on the field as well as watching and analyzing countless hours of ZvZ videos. This has been the only continuous way to learn to ZvZ as new players, and the only way for experienced players to become elite players. I intend to bring my expertise on the subject forward for the Albion community to use and learn from. My hope is that by bringing this information to you all, it can lead to better ZvZs, stronger zergs, and more people to join in the fights. One thing I will mention here is that although I have had much experience in certain guilds and wars, this stream is not meant to glorify any guild, caller, or playstyle, but rather I'm trying to build a diverse stream to encompass all the different ways there are to fight a ZvZ and dissect the strengths and weaknesses of each style. This is particularly done in Episodes 3 and 4 shown above, but will continue to be shown in other ways in future episodes as well. Although I am back in Awful Company, I am no longer playing "hardcore", for a lack of a better term, and instead I'm just playing the game casually and focusing on making this stream as good as possible. This also means that I do not intend to participate in any future wars or politics in-game in order to maintain an unbiased perspective for the stream. I may fight in wars here and there for content, but I don't intend to participate regularly in them or involve myself in any way. Staying unbiased is very important to achieve the goals of the stream, and to welcome the entirety of the Albion community.

      If you are interested in this stream, feel free to follow by clicking the link at the top of the thread, join the discord, or keep an eye on this thread for updates. If you find this kind of stream useful, help me out and share this with your guildmates so we can begin to build the learning community. Thank you for your time and I promise to deliver a great new stream for the awesome game we all love to play.
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    • It's been almost 2 weeks since the initial announcement, the work continues and here is another sneak peek at the pre-planned streams! If you have any suggestions for episodes or anything that you'd like to learn about, please write a comment on this thread and I'll take a look. Thanks!

      PS: I am currently pondering whether to have a camera on the stream or not. I feel maybe the camera will distract from the information being provided, but it could help with entertainment. Let me know what you think and maybe I'll be swayed!
    • Progress Update:

      A start date has been defined. The very first Alpha Omega University stream will happen on February 27th at 00 UTC! The schedule has also been updated (see thread pictures) with the stream titles and dates. Streams will happen Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 00 UTC. If you are unable to watch the stream live, all VODs will be posted at the YouTube channel listed at the top of the thread. Note that Friday/Saturday streams will be pre-planned streams and Mondays will be VOD review days.

      Stream Preview:

      (the chat will go on the right hand side where the castle logo is)

      This preview of the stream is the screen that will be seen when I am talking with the viewers and answering questions. When explaining particular things on a VOD, or reviewing videos, the view will be full screen for easy visibility.

      I have created a discord for the stream which is linked at the top of the thread. The discord has levels that can be earned by chatting on the discord. The title rewards are "Freshman", "Sophomore", "Junior", and "Senior". The goal of the discord is to discuss ZvZ related topics with the community as well as to give viewers a better opportunity to reach me for questions.

      Stream Music:
      There will be music on the stream, mostly low in the background when we are not watching a VOD. The music will be streamed via Epidemic Sound which is a music/sound source often used for streaming. The genre of music will mostly be House/Dance/Pop with a little bit of Rap/Hip Hop thrown in. There will be days with other music such as Reggaeton or Country to add variety as well. If there is any genre of music you'd like to hear on the stream, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.