How do you feel after being killed?

    • How do you feel after being killed?

      I know that the most of you use the forum for discuss combat technicisms and loot, but I'm like an eternal noob who cares about the global gaming experiences and the feelings of riding in wilderness, esploring and adventuring in the lands of Albion... :D

      So, what I'd like to ask to you today is: how do you feel when someone kill you, expecially after having being chased while you ran for your life?
      Before playing Albion I had very limited experiences with other mmorpgs, this is the first time I can define me addicted to such a game, but I still cannot completely accept to being killed in red/black zone. By now I've been killed dozens of times, I have lots of equip and tools to start for a journey again, but I'm used to it only a little: being chased by someone with bear paws constantly give me a heartbeat, and being killed always give me very bad sensations, like someone stole my wallet or my phone while I was out for a walk.
      Yesterday I made 4 journeys in black zone in search of T6.1 hide: they were very profitable, besides the hide I found a legendary Avalonian treasure drone (journey 1), a T6 skinner tome (journey 2, sold for nearly 400k), I took a brief trip in the mists and a T6 hide mob (don't remember the name) dropped a wolf pup (journey 3), wow so much loot...but during the fourth journey I was killed, losing nearly nothing except T4 equip, T6 skinning knife, and a T6 skinner trophy journal. Even if the material loss was minimal and the gain during the previous journeys was impressive, I cannot stop thinking to my death, if I made any mistake, how I could avoid it... :cursing: It's never "oh crap, they killed me, let's try again!", but always "NOOOOO THEY KILLED ME, how could this happen...", damn...
      Don't know if I'll ever get used to the black zone! ;(
    • Hey, I quite like the question you bring up. :thumbup:

      Imo, although loot and technicisms (as you put it) can go a long way, it is how we feel about stuff that ultimately prevails in being around or not.

      In my experience, when we do something that involves a risk, the reward feels sweeter. However, I am not always in the mood to deal with the stress of taking that risk. To me, it also makes a big difference how it happens. When the fight is good and fair, I have gg'd my opponents and enjoyed both sides of the result.

      Also, I have observed, as I gained experience in a full loot environment, that the "pain" of losing gradually became relative, instead of absolute. What used to be a big deal in the beginning, can now be a minor upset and even a source of learning. But, in good truth, it still does sting sometimes.
    • Feels bad, like a loss. Which it is, as I lost time and value.

      It's a good moment to reflect on what I did that got me killed and what I could do to not get killed if I were in such a situation again.

      While getting killed feels bad, it's not nearly as much a rush to me as when almost the same happens yet I make it out alive.

      I remember my second time in the black zone, trying to kill some NPCs for that good black zone fame. When I see people, I jump on my horse, move on, continue killing. This seems like a nice strategy, until when running away I run into more and more people, this zone seems crowded, and some of them also start paying much attention to me, following me. I decided to run to the next zone, not a moment too late because I had like 5 sabres following me. Ran in the next zone towards nowhere, hoping to shake them off, which obviously is not helping as they continue running around me. Some even try to dismount a little in front of me to attack me, so I move more unpredictably and turn around a few times. I needed a plan, a direction to escape. Going back to the previous zone was probably their home, and a bad idea. The next zone over, they would simply follow and it was even further from the safety of town. Then I saw a portal to the Roads of Avalon, zones that I had tried the day before (and died a couple of times in), but it couldn't be worse than my current situation. I had a direction, just shouldn't make it too clear to my chasers, ran a few more times while changing directions until I wss close to the portal, where some of them who had seen my escape route started dismounting to attack. A few seconds before they could hit me, I ran through.

      They didn't follow, I ran a little further and used my horse to return home.

      I really felt the adrenaline at that moment, and it felt good. I made it out alive!

      Later on I also died a bunch of times in the black zone, and expect to die many more times, but the best encounters for me are when you outplay your opponents by denying them an easy kill.

      Later on I got killed by another group a few times, who are rather coordinated at certain times, have one guy following while the rest dismounts out of range around me and slowly closes in. First times I fell for it and died, but now on I realise much faster when it's happening and know where and how to run to survive.

      You're playing against other players in the black zone. Dying is part of it, but each death is a lesson and eventually you'll learn how you stay least most of the time.

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    • Altase wrote:

      I feel nothing. I regear myself and I go farm directly right after.
      yes. it's right approach. Buy 10 sets and put to your bank. Right after you dead - just swap fast and gogogo. This way you will learn not to become frustrated after death.

      sets should be affordable for you.
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    • If i die i just shrug my shoulders, regar and continue, some times i blame myself for being stupid and sometimes i feel i did all right and died anyways because thats how it is now and than. Sometimes i lament my fate and feel unlucky that one more hit that didnt get trough or the one skill i yeeted into the empty ground ect. ect.
    • I wear gear appropriate for what I can replace and for what I think the danger level of the activity I am doing is. I don't care at all when I die although it sucks if it is caused by something such as a disconnect. I do reflect at what I could have done have a better outcome next time.
    • I know this is not common among people but, whenever i died, the more people that killed me the bigger my laugh.

      E.g: If I was killed solo or by 4-5 people. I would think "meh", then had a look at the footage to find any mistake i made. If I'm chased by 20 wolves across maps and eventually die I usually laugh a lot from the beginning all the way till I respawned in city.

      What I've notice is if you ride with some else, you two would laugh a lot more together than each of you do when the chase happen.

      I hope I make sense
      Solo/duo player. Potions & food crafter. Transporters.

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    • Madma wrote:

      So, what I'd like to ask to you today is: how do you feel when someone kill you, expecially after having being chased while you ran for your life?

      Madma wrote:

      Even if the material loss was minimal and the gain during the previous journeys was impressive, I cannot stop thinking to my death, if I made any mistake, how I could avoid it... It's never "oh crap, they killed me, let's try again!", but always "NOOOOO THEY KILLED ME, how could this happen...", damn...
      Yeah, it definitely sucks. It can even burn you out and make you take a break for a while.

      Not many people dare to record their deaths (either to review later and learn something, or just to share with others). This is some old footage, but as they say "oldie but goldie":

      In the video above I was chased by Lewpacc (once upon a time the biggest streamer/content creator of AO) and his gang... I even got the footage from his POV from his stream.

      In this one above, I lost like 50 mil silver (in 2020 silver, which probably like 100mil in 2022 silver, adjusted haha)

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    • Thanks for sharing these sad but precious moments. :) I have to learn how to better manage when a mounted ganker start to chase, forcing me to go where his comrades are preparing an ambush...some time ago I lost a good amount of resources in Astolat when a player riding a bat guided me right into the trap.
    • Love this question, Madma.

      I've been playing AO now for a little over 3 months, after a 10+ year hiatus from all MMORPGs. I've never been big into PvP, but I did my fair share in RuneScape, both in small groups or with the clan(s) I was in. I always liked how RS (at the time) let you keep your 3 most valuable items (even if it was based on what the game considered valuable, not based on the player market). I digress.

      How do I feel after being killed? Terrible. Stupid. Depressed. I feel like I should have mounted quicker, turned around faster, or not engaged at all. I'm mostly sad about losing my tool set (usually) and any materials gathered. If I'm doing PvP/PvE content with my guild in the Ava Roads, I feel bad for letting my team down and I feel like I'm not good enough to roam with them.

      Now, I realize the bit above sounds downright depressing, but I can't help it that I feel that way lol. Logically, I know AO is a game, and I know that I've skilled up my gathering enough that I can make back my losses in a couple/few hours. Getting killed is more a mental/emotional experience, and I try to avoid it at all costs. That being said, PvP content is a major part of AO, so I know I'll have to engage in it more as I progress and grow in the game. I hope that one day I actually enjoy the PvP content more, and that I get to the be the player killing more than the player killed ;)
    • Honestly I feel like shit. Specially if i get killed by gankers

      It actually depends of the situation.

      For example if I get killed in CD I dont feel that bad, I just regear and learn from my mistakes, same with crystal arenas or Z vs Z fights
      but if I get killed in the BZ by a 20 man ganking party while playing solo that really bothers me
      also when I get killed in the solo mists by 2 or more teamed players that upsets me as well
    • How you die drives the reaction. If I get outplayed in a fair fight scenario I just regear and whisper my opponent congrats. Dying to rats is little more infuriating like when mounted vultures dismount on low opponents fighting in Mists. It is infuriating because you know it will happen if you take the fight but if you don't fight then you get no content. You are forced into a lose lose scenario because of toxic gameplay.
    • For me, it depends on what content I died to

      If its a guild CTA, I honestly just enjoy the content as much as I can and don't really think about the lose of gear since it's all getting regeared by the guild, I regear and try to come back if the fight is still going on (enjoy content, get kill fame)

      If its in CD or Mist, I subtract the cost of the set that I was using to the stashed loot that I got from the set I lost, if its up then I'm happy I earn silver, if its negative then fml getgud and gl next

      If I died from a rat or cheese build then it makes me wanna commit war crimes and do sexual things to their family members /j

      Basically, I try not to think about it so that I won't get tilted further because I have a very bad habit of inting even more silver to stupid things when I get tilted. My advice to you is to look at equipment and loot this way, calculate the amount of loot that you got from the set then subtract the cost of your set when you die (don't forget the fame you got!). Treat your equipment as consumable/investment so when you die you won't think like "ah shit, i lost my set and loot, that cliff nearby looks very jumpable", instead think "I got 3.5m silver and 300k fame out of that 500k set" for example. But yeah, this shit may backfire if you keep dying without getting any return whatsoever. If you got tilted then pause, close the game, take a break, do other things til you're on top of your mindset again. Hope this helps :thumbsup:

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