WTF Team Albion What aboudt Anonymous in the Mist????

    • WTF Team Albion What aboudt Anonymous in the Mist????

      WTF Anonymous is a fuckng most for solo Mist so people dont team up
      is it hard to understand at the albion money printing factory ??????
      No fucking chat or names in the Mist

      as i told you people ind there if this wasen changes we did leave the game so for now is just bye bye 5 players gone now we try your patch no changes at all to solo mist or the pvp mode we are gone no more money from us
      it hasen happen an you people in there do relly belive people just wanna trown mponey fra a fucking broken system where people can team up an speak with other player kill one taget go out an scare loot
      use the damm brian just for ones how many work in there just wonna know who we need to sent our breincell too ???

      call us when your guys make a changes an listen to the player seem you people dont even care anymore

      What a sad day new owner still no prograss
    • i am not we are gone until we see any prograss from this programmer team at the Albion staff
      its anogf its unbelivebell they dont even listen to the players new owner old team is the damm same thing they only care aboudt theor own wallet we are not paying we if dont get anything in return or to say in this matter
    • This exact thing will be added next week at some point with patch 2. I feel your frustration though I had 5 people chasing me as a group all standing right next to each other. Great "solo" fights...I can respect and accept 1v1v1 organic fights not intentional pre planned organized team ups.

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    • I never chat nor do i trust people who chat too much.

      Sometimes I team up when a player who has considderably stronger gear enters the fight.

      You have to understand that if I am in t6 equiv fighting another t6 over a chest and the third guy comes with t8. I am not going to fight the t6 guy and lose to the t8. We will likely team up so that I at least have some chance to get a kill or the chest rather than playing it out like a "fair" 1v1v1 where the t8 would be winning 100% of the times.
    • i have played for long time
      i am relly enoy my friends too they have a hole albion team an they cant think this is a problem i dont get it
      it have been over an over an over relly to be frank some time it feel like its childen working there as programmer

      you have some relly power full weapon with win rate 75% then you have other weapon there is so fuck up an practical useless in pvp

      like this lets say you enter dungeon to jump some one 2 defalg to kill you the healer stey flag he can heal them you cant attack him becase he stey flag
      faliurs like this over en over small stuff not getting taken care off that ruin the fun of it all

      if they want people to pay an play for the game they need to do alot more for solo players not just allinces an guilds
      to say it as it is there is not anogf to do for players you can farm same dungeon over en over an craft trade ofc an do faction that it

      it become to feel like wow whare you have to grind all the time i dont know if you guys remember this quest after quest

      for me they need to ajust this becose i do also feel i am done until some of this have been fixet.