One Item to adjust the meta

    • One Item to adjust the meta

      What about this - stalker shoes get a rework that works like this:

      - ability stalk - cooldowns 8 seconds - range 10 meters
      - skill puts a curse on the target that lasts for 2 minutes
      - skill can be activated within cooldown of 8 seconds while the curse is activate (last for 2 mins)
      - upon activation you get teleported to the victim
      - the curse breaks if i gets damage from more that one player
      - while the curse is activated you have a movement penalty of -10%
      - the curse itself cannot be cleansed

      Basically it breaks the mobility meta. But is not group gank, as damage from 2 players curse breaks. It is high commit and not bound To a super expensive item, but readily availabe

      Remember u still can kite this - warbow frost and already -10% mobility on victim. Victim gets additional 10% from bow passive..u just can't reset endless

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