Make Wisp channel be canceled after damage.

    • Make Wisp channel be canceled after damage.

      Me and the boys missed a kill on a bear transport due to the Wisp channel not being interrupted by damage.
      It is too safe for BZ\RZ. There are escape points all across the maps with uninterruptible channels to enter.

      If it isn't clear. This is about people escaping from Black Zone and Red zone maps into the mists because the channel to enter cannot be interrupted by damage.

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    • Wisps are the new way to escape gankers. You now just run off the road and trigger every wisp you run by. At any point you can double back and go in the mist before the ganker can dismount to interrupt you. Then once inside the mists you just log out. Theres a 60 second logout timer in the mists. Both of these need to be fixed somehow. Mists needs a long logout timer like roads.
    • In another thread someone suggested wisps not triggering until you are dismounted. This would be a good change I think. It would prevent so many wisps from being randomly opened, maybe we'd need fewer wisp spawns because now they liter the map, and it would prevent them being used as an escape. They would have to dismount and wait the few seconds for the wisp to open the portal and then channel. This would fix people using wisps as an escape for the most part.