Rank Crystal Arena - Revamped Game Mode

    • Rank Crystal Arena - Revamped Game Mode


      The Crystal Arena community is basically dog shit. These clowns have no idea how to play a simple 3 point capture domination system. In fact, most of the idiots in arena even talk shit and call you a "rat" for capping points and back capping / taking pressure off the home point. I personally find being called a rat for playing the actual objectives in the match to be hilarious. This just shows how stupid the community in this game actually is. It seems almost every game is the same. Both teams rush to mid and from there one team gets pushed back pretty much to their home point. Most teams at this point just death match each other or give up entirely. Since the community has no brain when it comes to playing objectives, here's a simple fix:

      Revamp Crystal Arena into Death Match.

      Each team has 500 points and each death is worth 5 points., The first to 500 or the team with the most points from kills wins at the end of the match. PROBLEM FUCKING SOLVED! Keep the same map even just remove the capture points since they don't seem to matter much currently to most ppl in arena.

      Players only seem to care about kills whether it's from the PvP stat or in matches. Just give them what they actually want because clearly they don't want to do anything else. It's not going to change either; we're only getting dumber as time goes on.
      So we get a Yuletide event IG, but my religion's holiday of All You Can Eat Pasta Friday's isn't allowed? All hail The Flying Spaghetti Monster: Our Lord and Savior of all you can eat!

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    • Here's exactly what I mean.... My team barely did anything except fight outside our home base. Even with me capping and defending the points while killing the attackers it's not enough. The last 20 matches I've played, this has happened 90% of the time... PLAYERS IN THIS GAME MODE ARE FUCKING RETARDED!!!! BRING IN DEATH MATCH RANKED!! Let the bloodletter players cream themselves with joy when that happens.

      So we get a Yuletide event IG, but my religion's holiday of All You Can Eat Pasta Friday's isn't allowed? All hail The Flying Spaghetti Monster: Our Lord and Savior of all you can eat!

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    • Your build is suitable for solo. That is ok if you play well, but really dangerous to cap portal alone.
      Fighting in front of your own base is correct because you have a distance advantage when reborn.
      If you have seen some lethal crystal matchings. You will know that the mid portal is the most important. Every fight is meant to cap the mid-portal
    • I agree with most of what Jerek said about brain dead people in arena but also agree that his build sucks for arena. I got to gold almost entirely solo by healing the first season but I’ve not had the time to play as much this season. I think a lot of the problem is not only dumb or inexperienced people, but also too many people queuing on mobile.(I could be wrong)

      Earlier today I had a pretty good 3 man team going, we were racking up wins. Then the DPS nature brain dead guy kept spawning on our team. I complained about this in English chat, the fact that someone can chose a weapon that almost entirely perma kills all heals. You can’t win like this, and as a healer with multiple swaps there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. The very helpful people in chat suggested we fix the problem by getting a 5 man team together. This is often not possible for people who don’t expend large amounts of energy keeping a large circle of friends to chose from. But we got a good 5 man team going, so instead of trying to fight with brain dead people on our team we played about 10 games with a 5 man team, but 8 of those matches were against the highest ranked players in the game. We only had 1 gold 1 player, the rest were silver and bronze.

      As a suggestion for SBI, please take the sandbox out of the MOBA which is arena. Don’t nerf double heals in arena, don’t allow two people to heal at all. This would solve a major problem without creating another.

      I would like to know more about where matchmaker finds these people and puts them on my team. I feel like I have the worst loot RNG of anyone I’ve ever known in my 8 years with Albion and I often feel like I have a cursed ELO. It would be verbose, but nice to see everyone’s 1 man, 2 man, 3 man and 5 man rank.

      Why would match maker put me up against a team where people have a 90 + percent win rate every match when we are so low ranked and and out geared and spec’d? I want to understand matchmaker better. How can I have an arena experience without playing the number one team and without dealing with DPS natures on my team?

      Happy entrails everyone!