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      Hello, SBI.

      Latest changes to dismount system in mists looks AMAZING!.
      Please add it in other zone types of Albion, i.e. this have to be regular, to prevent some rats or ganker packs dismounting on me after my escaping. Ganking should be smart, not spam.
    • The long dismount system works in the mist, because anyone dismounting on top of two players fighting is always a 'third party' rather than an ally of one of the fighting players.

      In the rest of the game this wouldn't work, as the long dismount system means I cannot dismount on top of a fight to help my guild mate.
    • 1. Hostile that dismounts has a long timer as you are.
      2. You can dismount at 50m behind your friend as usually. In most cases with proper communication your friend can kite in your direction.

      P.s. if your friend run through dismounted blob, so, this game dosen't forgive such mistakes.

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