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      Hi everyone !
      I noticed that you could hide islands that you don't want to see through the Travel Planner PNJ

      I wanted to give it a shot so I started hiding every useless island that I have access too but I noticed that I can't add any more after hiding 100 islands (yes I counted)

      So my suggestion is to increase the limit of possible hidden islands so that it can't happen on anyone
      Why can you be able to hide islands if you are limited by the number of islands you can hide ? I have acces to litterally more than 200 islands and can't hide the half of it.

      Thanks for reading the post :thumbup: ,

    • Luckily I'm not at that limit yet, but would be annoyed if I hit that limit.

      I never visit most of the islands I have access too, just a few of them. I wonder if the 'list of hidden islands' could perhaps be made the other way around?

      • Let us hide all other islands by default.
      • And then select the few islands we want to see.

      In other words, make it a whitelist instead of a blacklist.

      Right now we're hiding hundreds of guild and friend islands to see just the one or two islands we're interested in. That's hundreds of checkboxes to see only one island. With my solution we'd only need two checkboxes to see a single island in the list. I wonder if there is a use-case for people who just want to hide a few islands, but I guess that most people just want to see a few islands. A whitelist instead of blacklist would make that much easier.

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