Dagger pair Regarding daggers in general

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    • Dagger pair Regarding daggers in general

      SBI havnt thought abt reworking dagger pair.? The E is easily interruptable and ur forced to use ur W on shadow edge if u go assassin setup because fighter setup is worse duo to they know when u will E by sunder stacks or leaping strike stacks also tht i feel like other daggers needs some love aswell regarding assassin setups like assassin jacket with assassin spirit Q other builds/setups can run you down by just purging ur Q stacks and ur forced to use ur assassin jacket/boots and ur basically dead cause u have nothing to fight back by tht time ur already low health due to taking increased dmg from (Q assassin spirit) and other dagger assassin setups its hard to win fights in open world pvp wise 1v1 or 1v2 due to u have to waste everything on 1 person just to barely kill them other weapons have alot more mobility to be able to reset fight and get CDs where most dagger assassin setups cant do tht. You also get kited by bows even after nerfs.

      This is mostly regarding Dagger pair E and other dagger assassin playstyle setups i feel it needs a little bit of love.

      I would be glad to hear other peoples opinion on this cause i cant be the only one feeling like this abt assassin type playstyle abt daggers and (Dagger pair)
    • Hello, i am also dagger main, and i fully agree that in pvp in open world u can easily suck from all characters if u dont sure that u kill with ur E (dagger pair). And to do any damage with ur q is very hard. Seems like dagers were nerfed so much, that every class now can easily destroy you
    • I agree with you literally i lose to curse Q ticks only like it does so much dmg while im trying to kite them playing (Assassin type playstyle with daggers 3de Q (assassin spirit) i take so much dmg just cause they put 4 q stacks on me so while im channeling my Q stacks im already half health and i hardly touched them i feel like daggers have been so nerfed to the ground the entire weapon line can be tossed into the trash only daggers tht works (bloodletter) and then the 2 ZvZ weapons (demonfang/bridledfury) but solo play daggers are dead even 1h dagger if u dont go full 1 shot combo its useless

      You have to rely on so much just to make the build work its so frustrating and tilting even @Equart played dagger pair on his stream and he was full 8.3 tht barely killed a fckin 5.1 tier guy as full 8.3 with 100 dagger pair spec its sad man.

      SBI really needs to buff daggers u cant implement a certain playstyle and then people like it and when other people cry abt it being broken they get nerfed into the ground i mean theres so many weapons tht are still broken after nerfs like BOW OF BADON tht nerf was nothing u just go pork omelete and it solves the issue SBI plz u have to do something with (Dagger pair) and Assassin type playstyle take the increase dmg u take on 3de Q or something mabye make it tht u can get ur stacks faster.

      literally 1 purge while ur stacking ur Q = your death man 3daggers are literally dead without a forced build (1H dagger,Dagger pair,Deathgivers) reason why i say deathgivers is literally due to u have 0 kiting potential as deathgivers even if u go DASH(W) its useless u need to dash towards them and then u E and ur forced to use boots or assassin jacket to negate taking Dmg.

      SBI your implementing a playstyle and then u literally abandon it and refuse to buff it or something sofar ive only seen dagger nerf only dagger buff ive seen was when demonfang was meta yet it was ZvZ small scale pvp weapon not solo play or open world solo pvp weapon so plz SBI do something u cant just nerf a weapon line into the ground like this and refuse to buff it and i know for a fact theres alot of players out there tht enjoys daggers/assassin type playstyle and they cant due to it literally being fcking useless

      @Equart @Stabber @FlaccidBaron i know for a fact they would agree due to i know their fav weapons have been dead for along while.

      I would love to hear feedback from you guys.
    • Unfortunately, many 1 shot builds haven't actually been good in a very, very long time, much to the detriment of the overall balance of the game. If things like dagger pair and 1 shot crossbow were actually good in solo pvp, then you wouldn't see all this builds with stupid amounts of mobility being as dominant as they currently are.
    • This has nothing to do with 1shot builds dagger pair isnt 1 shot not even nearly 1 shot neither is deathgivers assassin playstyle 1shot u still have to kite and slowly chip away at players HP so this comment is literally irrelevant to what i was saying like man if u dont play daggers u will literally not understand whts it abt