Downtime and premium.

    • Downtime and premium.

      All of the extended down times and price change of premium combined has me a little salty. IMO if maintenance goes beyond the estimate any extra should be prorated or compensated for any players who have premium. Especially for the ones who worked for it, and due to time zones maintenance runs into their would be play time.

      Also, the rate of safe return through the mists is exponentially low. Making the possibility of it not even worth having. I'd suggest either making it a reasonable thing to do or take the option out entirely. Noone wants to spend 6 hours with max weight, carrying everything they own and not being able to farm/loot what they run by just searching for a other wisp to probably not be able to find a safe portal.
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    • aw come on dude 30mins to an hour 1 time a day is not unreasonable. I would rather the server go down than lagg and disconnect from not getting a restart or small fix/patch or w.e they do. Also even if its more than an hour they just pushed out a brand new patch of course they will need to patch and fix things and the more time to get it done right the better.
    • I agree with you, also agree with the price increase. However the timing of price change came at a time of bugs and crashes and server downtime. That was a brief moment of salt, i totally understand but all that doesnt make it less annoying.
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    • Read the ToS (that you signed up to). There is a set amount of time in a month they need to provide a service ... they exceed it every month. No compensation of any kind is due.

      17.2 On a monthly average, Sandbox Interactive will provide an availability of 90% for the Game, beginning with the official release of the Game, and specifically excluding any tests or test servers. Exempt from this are periods during which the Game cannot be reached due to problems beyond the influence of Sandbox Interactive (e.g. force majeure, culpability of third parties, etc.). The periods during which regular maintenance takes (usually 1 hour per day) place are also exempt therefrom. Also exempt are queue times that might occur if the Game’s traffic is higher than expected, in particular in the first weeks after the official release. Sandbox Interactive shall not be liable for the unavailability if it is within the above parameters. Sandbox Interactive' liability for non-availability of the server shall remain unaffected in the case of intent and gross negligence.
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    • Like I said, it was a brief moment of saltiness. Even if compensation of time was a thing, it would be an insane task to go through all of the players that were affected. That actually reminds me, not that I need it. But I was wondering if/what SBI does in the case of a bug causing you to die to someone in red/black zone? I watched a video recently of someone who lost an insane amount of loot due to a bug and was curious if they get funded for the loss, at least if the have it on video.
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