MYTHICAL BEASTS: Proximity Markers or Clues

    • MYTHICAL BEASTS: Proximity Markers or Clues

      Mythical Beasts are extremely hard to find.
      What makes it even harder is that they spawn in a relatively large map, and you are capable to scout small portions of it at a time. Meaning that you either get lucky and find in relatively short time or it's kind of a waste of time to specifically go look for them.

      What I would suggest is one of 2 thing. One simpler than the other.

      Opt. 1 Proximity marker.
      The same we have for mob camps, but for mythical beast. Entering in a certain area near a beast shows a marker on the map.

      Opt.2 Clues.
      Scattered throughout the map, you'll find "clues" and "footprints" that can be inspected with a channel. Once you reach a certain amount of clues, the game might aid in your find of mythical beasts. How ? A trail of wisps could guide you towards one of these beasts.

      What do you guys think ? Do you guys think we need some aid assist for finding these monsters ?
      Opt.2 is waaaay more complex to implement than Opt.1, but I think it would add an extra layer of enjoyment to the hunt

      Opt.2 is a clear inspiration from Monster Hunter World. Where you roam the map collecting clues and eventually a green trail of "Scout flies" leads you to the monster.
      ALSO I had a couple friends point out to me that the wisps would never guide you towards the creatures cause they are technically "friends". I suggested the wisps cause it would be one less model to work on, making a little easier to implement; but a new model wouldn't hurt xD

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    • We already have a lot of markers on the mists maps: Chests, resource spots, weakened wisps, spiders...

      if there aren't any valuable things to find by exploring the map (instead of simply looking at the minimap), there is no point in exploring the map.

      Currently the only reasons to explore the map is to find common goods like regular resources, NPCs for fame, captured wisps... and these Mythical beasts!

      If it weren't for these Mythical beasts, there would be no reason to run around mists maps at all, because you can find common resources, captured wisps and NPCs in any mist.

      Right now you are encouraged to ride around and explore the mists if you want to find one of these beasts. With markers, people would farm them by looking at the map: no marker? -> take a wisp to the next mist and repeat.

      I prefer the gameplay where people ride around the msps, rather than look at the map and skip to the next map it does not have the right markers.

      1. My first reason to not give these mythical beasts is that the lack of markers rewards and encourages exploration of the maps.

      2. A second reason to not give them a marker is that they are more mythical without marker. They are rare, but without marker there is no evidence of them really existing unless you stumble upon them and see them with your own eyes!

      (I've seen one, but didn't bring my tools... :( )

      3. A third (and slightly selfish) reason to not give them a marker is that I like that I have a chance to find and kill one of these beasts now, without interference from other players that are drawn to any marker on the map. As a new player my specs are bad and my skills worse, but at least I have the chance to find one of these beasts and kill them without anyone noticing, just because there is no marker.

      There are many markers in the mists already, and each of them draws players and thus encourages PvP.
      I like that these Mythical beasts give players the opportunity to get rewards for finding and killing them, without it being yet another thing to fight over.

      My opinion: I like that there is no marker for these mythical beasts.

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    • @Mandulf
      Mhmmmm one word.... read

      I said proximity marker. It won't appear on map right away. When you get relatively close to the mob, it will be shown on map.
      The rewarding exploration thing could be done with Opt.2, But you probably didn't read that far did you ?

      Other things to point out about your argument.
      Point 1. You can't skin the mythical beasts.
      You probably ended up finding a Dragon Hawk, but mythical beasts only drop Artifacts.

      Point 2. Free Beast Kill
      The loot received from a mythical beast is the most rewarding thing in the entire mists.
      So rewarding, people are desperate to find one. I mean any player from the flat 4 to the 8.3 guy would die to kill one....
      You're making it luck dependent
      The one thing everybody is looking for. The one thing everyone is willing to risk their gear for... is completely hidden away... LOGIC

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    • A proximity marker would be better than one visible across the entire map, but again, I'm against markers in this case. If you don't see the beast with your own eyes by exploring the map, you're not paying enough attention. One of the things that can really make a game environment more alive is if there are things to find in that world. Looking at a map to find things takes away that mystery, that interaction with the world.

      Maybe it could get some boss-music as warning you're nearby.

      unknownX1 wrote:

      Point 1. You can't skin the mythical beasts.
      I figured I needed to skin the beast, so I skipped fighting it as I had nothing good to fight it with. Turns out I should've attempted to kill it anyway!

      unknownX1 wrote:

      You're making it luck dependent
      The one thing everybody is looking for. The one thing everyone is willing to risk their gear for... is completely hidden away... LOGIC

      Not luck dependent, I'm keeping it exploration dependent. You're going to have to walk through many maps with open eyes in order to find one of the mythical beasts, rather than glancing at the minimap and moving on to the next mist if it doesn't show there.

      You will need luck in either case, but only the first option makes people interact with the open world of the mists, while the second is mostly about skipping through as many mists as fast as possible in order to farm these. I prefer the first option, it encourages players to walk through the mists.

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    • Tabor wrote:

      I still do not believe these mobs exist! Having rare things are great for games but myself and many others I know have all done hundreds of mists and never have seen a mythical mob.
      They exist, you just need to roam the zones hardcore to find them. They seem to spawn near the end of the zone timer, I've found multiple at the 2 - 3 minute left mark.

      Evidence of their existence : the market is flooded with the new items and artifacts, so much so that I've stopped hunting for the new mobs as the item value dropped off so hard.
    • heavilty agree with @Mandulf, artifact bosses are the only reason why a player would roam actively on mists, almost all the juicy objectives are marked in map: weakened wisps, mob camps, chests... are spiderlings marked too? if yes then another one.

      Even if it's just marked on proximity the map is pretty small so eventually the bosses will get flooded with players...

      the clues suggestion sounds interesting tho, but anyway I prefer to keep the bosses completely hidden, just maybe increasing their spawn chance in higher zones if it's not implemented yet (?)
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    • It is such a good game design idea.
      And it would fit the Mists very well in my opinion.
      You are rewarding exploration for founding clues + you're allowing more players to experience fighting these monsters.

      Yes I may have a few hours on MHW. Just a few tho, I clearly haven't played since launch. @Grassalot

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    • I think it is fine as is... I just believe that Mists should have increased drops for mobs and resources so that it is a viable option for solo and duo players.

      ... and personally I think a trick was missed, that Brecelin should become a QUESTING hub that uses the mists to form a storyline, in order to give it all relevance.

      By the way... I once found 2 fey beasts... that's right TWO, in the same yellow non-lethal mist. They definitely exist. ;)
      50%-1sec SLOW to 'BURNING FIELD' on hit.

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    • I had 4 within an hour one night, its a shame the stuff doesnt actually sell for what it says. My inventory said 22 mil after an hour lmao. Estimates got jacked up when all the t4 stuff sold for millions in the first few days since the initial update. I have some 7..4 duskweaver boots that still dont even have a market value. I dont really know what to think of the market for this new material yet.
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